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Erowid at Horizons 2013
by Erowid
December 2013
Originally published in Erowid Extracts #25
Citation:   Erowid. "Erowid at Horizons 2013". Erowid Extracts. December 2013;25:25. Online edition:
Earth and Fire were the opening speakers for this year's Horizons Conference in New York City, held at Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan.

It's often the social events and conversations around conferences that provide the richest interactions. The pre-event gathering on Friday evening was a great opportunity to meet interesting and engaged characters. We had a chance to talk with several people from the New York office of the Drug Policy Alliance that we hadn't previously met, as well as dozens of others engaged in studying psychoactive drugs in one way or another.

Earth and Fire delivered a presentation from their State of the Stone series, titled "Winds of Change". They discussed new psychoactive substances, the Silk Road bust from the week before, and upcoming changes in the fast-moving world of research chemicals, cannabis, and pharmaceuticals.

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