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In History...50 Years Ago
R. Gordon Wasson publishes Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality in 1968, advancing the theory that Amanita muscaria mushrooms were the key ingredient in the ritual Soma sacrament described in east-Indian Vedic texts from 1000 BCE.
Horizons - Perspectives on Psychedelics
October 5-7, New York City

Horizons returns again! The annual NYC gathering examines the role of psychedelics in science, healing, culture, and spirituality. Individual day registrations now available.

Shulgin Book Release: Psychedelic Stories, Art, and Cookbooks
October 8 @7pm, Moe's Books, Berkeley, California

Ann Shulgin, Jon Hanna, & David Presti share at a book signing event for newly released commemorative editions of PiHKAL & TiHKAL. Earth & Fire plan to attend.
Latest Additions
Over 4,500 experience reports have been published in 2018, more than any previous year. This goes along with the latest issue of Erowid Extracts, which is dedicated to information, articles, and stats about the history and value of the Experience Vaults.
This Microgram describes an unusual seized powder with a roughly 1:1 effective oral dosage of PCP & LSD. Also, a 2nd amusing error of ibogaine's molecular structure first pointed out by Dr. Shulgin, and procedures for ID'ing LSA-containing seeds (HBW & Morning Glory).
An editorial from 1967 offers a frightened perspective on the difficulty of controlling LSD and other lab-synthesized drugs, followed by an out-of-touch and tellingly arrogant misjudgement about "flower children" who couldn't (!) synthesize such chemicals.
The twelfth in the series of translations of Erowid's guide to relating responsibly to psychoactive plants, drugs, and technologies.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is an Erowid project that conducts laboratory testing of ecstasy tablets, research chemicals, and other drugs. We publish our results online along with analyses from other testing programs.
Crew Notes
The project of transcribing Sasha Shulgin's Lab and Notebooks was started ten years ago by volunteers at Erowid. The crew has nearly finished transcribing the 14th book in the Pharmacology series. The Pharmacology notebooks mainly include first-person accounts of psychedelic experiences by Shulgin's research group.

In a few weeks, we'll be working at the Shulgin Farm with Connie Littlefield, to help index and digitize materials for use in a documentary about Sasha and Ann Shulgin.
Erowid is often mentioned in articles and books. Mentions may include positive or critical reviews, as well as citations of Erowid content.
More New Content
  1. Shulgin Archiving: Media Report on Kids Shooting Peanut Butter
    Another absurd item dug up during the Shulgin Archiving project. This 1969 news article tells the obviously untrue drug scare story of "youngsters" injecting peanut butter and mayonnaise into their veins. Ah, Drug War, how little we think of you and the lies you rode in on.
  2. BNDD [DEA] Microgram - Vol 2, #5 (Dec 1969)
    This final Microgram issue from the 1960s reports on inhalant abuse, etorphine stolen from a university safe, counterfeit Dexamyl (a combo spansule composed of a barbiturate and an amphetamine), and sources for reference standards.
From the Vaults
Along with reporting changes in drug laws and news of the latest drug busts, TELR provided valuable commentary about how laws and court decisions related to entheogens impact Constitutional rights and police surveillance. This is just one of the 22 issues published between 1993 and 1999 (Erowid hosts scans of all issues). They make for some fun and occasionally disturbing reading.
Experience Reports
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