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Extra Special Announcement--Matching Challenge!
Twelve days ago we shared the great news that the Pineapple Fund contributed $250,000 worth of Bitcoin to Erowid Center.

The Pineapple Fund has now added a $250,000 Matching Challenge to their previous grant. All donations made to Erowid by March 10th (except existing pledges) will be doubled, up to a total of $250,000.

The Pineapple Fund is also offering a parallel matching challenge of up to $4 million for MAPS. It's an incredible pairing.

Please, contribute what you can, help spread the word, wish us luck! You can check out our drive's progress, and/or donate at:

Fire & Earth
Co-founders, Erowid Center

P.S. Millions rely on Erowid for reliable data and harm reduction info about psychoactive plants & drugs. Ongoing research by MAPS into MDMA for the treatment of PTSD is trailblazing. Donate to help grassroots education, research, & policy reform rise together.

P.P.S. This is the largest match that Erowid has ever been offered. It will be a serious challenge! And it could be a major turning point, magnifying the impact of the last 20 years of Erowid's work.

More Pineapple Challenge Details
The Pineapple Fund (, a cryptocurrency philanthropic project, announced in December that it would be giving away $86 million in Bitcoin to nonprofit organizations, through an application process that Erowid completed on December 14th.

We were moved by the tag line on the donor's site:
"[...] because once you have enough money, money doesn't matter".

Four days after their initial $250,000 grant to Erowid (Jan 10th), the Pineapple Fund added a $250,000 Erowid matching challenge. They will match, one to one, all donations (except existing pledges) made to Erowid by March 10th. This could be huge for us!

If you're ever going to donate to Erowid, now is a good time. :)

Erowid Library/Office Move
The move of Erowid's office/library is going well. The new space has been cleaned and painted, and with the help of 15 members of our neighboring CrossFit gym last weekend, we moved 400 boxes of books, newsletters, and supplies, in 20 minutes! New shelves are going up and we expect to start re-shelving books this weekend.

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Matching Challenge!