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We provide factual, non-judgmental info about psychoactives--to assist harm reduction, benefit enhancement, research, and policy reform. Together we make a difference!
Altered Conference
(Nov 3-4, 2017) in Berlin, Germany

Talks, workshops, and rituals on the subject of psychedelics, conscious practices, and social issues facilitated by experts and researchers. The theme this year is Altered States, Crisis, and Opportunity.

Nights 2017 [Stadt Nach Acht]
(Nov 9-11, 2017) in Berlin, Germany

Integrates perspectives for a healthy, safe, and sustainable nightlife including researchers, practical experts, and governmental agency representatives. (With a European focus.)
Latest Additions
"Because history doesn't really forget... it just sticks everything in a box somewhere." Counterculture historian Erik Davis delves into the physical evidence of psychoactives-related cultural memory, including the Leary Archives at New York Public Library.
Erowid is, fundamentally, a library. From digitizing archives like the Hofmann Collection and cataloging caches of ephemera, books, and magazines, to hosting snapshots of defunct websites, we're part of a long lineage in the field of psychoactive-related knowledge.
This issue of Microgram describes seized LSD samples ("Average LSD content was 388 ug per tablet"!), the April 1969 control of PCP and Ritalin, recently seized capsules of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seed powder, and a method for the identification of cannabis.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is an Erowid project that conducts laboratory testing of ecstasy tablets, research chemicals, and other drugs. We publish our results online along with analyses from other testing programs.
Crew Notes
Sylvia attended 2017's Drug Policy Alliance Reform Conference, held Oct 11-14 in Atlanta, Georgia. Successes in ongoing shifts in US drug policy were recognized amidst grave reflection on the leadership chaos in DC, as well as on the opioid overdose crisis, mass incarceration, and criminal justice issues stemming from the war on drugs people. Psychedelics and drug checking were well represented in the programming.
Erowid is often mentioned in articles and books. Mentions may include positive or critical reviews, as well as citations of Erowid content.
More New Content
  1. 5-MeO-DMT Fatalities / Deaths
    The number of documented fatalities associated with 5-MeO-DMT is very low. The risk of injury or death is likely higher among those combining it with other psychoactives or ingesting without a sitter.
  2. Fundamentals of Responsible Psychoactive Use - Hungarian
    A Hungarian version of Erowid's guide to relating responsibly to psychoactive plants, drugs, and technologies. This edition was translated by folks at - thanks! Tenth in the series!
  3. Reversal of LSD Fatality Autopsy Report
    After initially attributing a woman's death at a California festival to "LSD poisoning", the medical examiner on the case was removed by officials and issued a statement reversing the decision. Psychedelic experts such as Dr. David Nichols spoke out on how poorly informed the first ME report was.
  4. Erowid Extracts #29 (PDF)
    Full-issue PDF of issue #29 of Erowid's members' newsletter. Some of the articles from Extracts are published individually on the Erowid website, but the PDFs also includes additional bits of content.
From the Vaults
In a parody of 'Chick Tracts', this illustrated booklet covers MDMA and Alexander Shulgin. Another issue from Trick Publications tackled Albert Hofmann's discovery of LSD and highlights of its history.
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