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The campaign to raise $9,000 for a new Erowid server was a big success and our goal was met 5 days early. Thank you to everyone who gave! The new hardware will allow us to provide millions of Erowid visitors with privacy protection while they access the drug information they need and allow for launching new services.

If you are going to Oakland next week to Psychedelic Science 2017, see you there! We will be giving a talk on Sunday early evening, and will have a booth in the Marketplace.
Drug Geek Factlet
The First International Conference on LSD Therapy was held in Princeton, New Jersey in April 1959. Presenters included Gregory Bateson, Sidney Cohen, Betty Grover Eisner, Abram Hoffer, Cecelia E. Jett-Jackson, and Humphry Osmond.
Psychedelic Science 2017
(April 19-24) in Oakland, CA, USA

Three-day conference in three tracks covering the latest findings from the psychedelic research community, plus two days of workshops. Visit the Erowid booth in the Marketplace!

Breaking Convention 2017
(Jun 30 - Jul 2) in London, England

Breaking Convention is a multidisciplinary conference on psychedelic consciousness, featuring presenters from around the world.
Latest Additions
"Once we scratched the surface of the topic of psychoactives, we realized the inherent feedback loop: changes to thinking shift choices about the tools that changed the thinking in the first place." Erowid's founders look back on its first two decades.
Spanning most of 1986, this book is the start of a new series and represents a change of direction. Shulgin steps away from personal work-ups and in this notebook collates the reports of others. Covers 17 chemicals including 5-Tweetio, BOD, Ethyl-LAD, and DOPR.
This Microgram describes the sample types that a drug testing lab encounters. "LSD was found in or on green herbs, powder, gum, candy, sugar cubes, cookies, crackers, beans, residue, liquid, capsules, and tablets." Also an analysis by TLC and Gas Chromotography of a benzene extract of cannabis.
The seventh in the series of translations of Erowid's guide to relating responsibly to psychoactive plants and drugs. #9: "Wähle eine passende Gelegenheit und einen angemessenen Ort für die Verwendung der Substanz."
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is an Erowid project that conducts laboratory testing of ecstasy tablets, research chemicals, and other drugs. We publish our results online along with analyses from other testing programs.
Crew Notes
We recently focused on reviewing and publishing MDA and MDPV experience reports in response to a research inquiry about these two substances.

We've also been working on opioid harm reduction messaging; a paper related to opioid-page traffic analysis co-authored by Fire and Earth was just published.

"Comparative Analysis of Opioid Queries on An Opportunity to Advance Harm Reduction". Substance Use & Misuse (Apr 2017)

"The largest increase in visits over the study periods was for fentanyl and tramadol. The relationship of page visits on creates a unique opportunity for real-time evaluation of emerging drug trends and epidemiological study."
Erowid is often mentioned in articles and books. Mentions may include positive or critical reviews, as well as citations of Erowid content.
From the Vaults
In the aughts, criticism leveled at Erowid denounced it as "missing information", "run by druggies", "pro-drug", or containing mixed messages and errors. This article addresses and refutes those misunderstandings. Includes a "How to Read" section.
Experience Reports
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  • An Edgy Contentment (MDA), by DJ-DDP
    "At times it felt like LSD, at times Ketamine. It never got overpowering, but did have a bit of an insistence to it that I had to work with to keep from coloring over the good feelings of relaxation. I was glad to have only taken 100mg."
  • Emotional Battery Halloween (2C-C & MXE), by Cream Gravy
    "...the combination of 2C-C with MXE is one I'm not likely to repeat. The whole time the two drugs felt like they were fighting each other, and all I seemed to be receiving was the side-effects of this fallout; my gut was clenching, I was constantly thirsty..."
  • Allergic Reaction (Kava), by Omega
    "...I definitely also noticed a cumulative effect (the 'reverse tolerance' that I read about as I researched it); it seems like the substance built up to critical mass in my system before it started working. Unfortunately, something else happened..."
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