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There are just three days left in Erowid's annual public support drive, and we're 678 donations short of our end-of-month goal.

Donations $10 and higher (up to $500) are being MATCHED by a group of generous donors, up to a total of $17,557.75. Please, make a $5 or $10 donation to support accurate drug info! We can do it!

We also want to encourage everyone to read about the DEA's move to ban all kratom in the United States (see below). Action can be taken.
Horizons NYC
(Oct 9-11, 2015) in New York City

With presenters discussing psychedelic research, cognitive liberty, drug policy, and more, this annual New York event offers something for everyone.
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The DEA may ban kratom as early as September 30, 2016. The US Drug Enforcement Agency has proposed emergency banning kratom's psychoactive chemicals (Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine) and the plants that naturally contain these chemicals. This will criminalize a relatively safe opioid substitute therapy and make research extremely difficult.

The public and concerned professionals can contact the DEA and the FDA to express their opinion about this Emergency Scheduling. Contact DEA Public Affairs at 202.307.7977.

Sign the White House Petition against adding Kratom to Schedule I.

If you are a professional or expert, write a formal letter to the FDA Controlled Substances Department or the DEA.

The DEA has said they've received an unusual number of responses voicing opposition to this emergency scheduling action. A letter signed by 49 members of Congress has been sent to the DEA and additional pressure could stop this terrible policy.

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