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In History...20 Years Ago This Month
It was in March 1996 that we first began submitting Erowid to search engines (Altavista was the best at the time) to increase traffic. The site was receiving 120 page hits a day and was hosted at a small Bay-area ISP,

In the same month, Esquire magazine published "Did you do drugs, daddy?", griping about the oversimplification of the Reagan "Just say no" model and the lack of guidance provided to parents. And yet, typical of mainstream articles of the era, it encouraged fathers to hide their experiences with drugs from their kids, and offer them polite half truths, lies, or even complete hypocrisy. Esquire suggested parents treat "Did you smoke pot?" like a question best left unanswered, akin to "Where is God?".
Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference
(April 15-17, 2016) in Washington, DC, USA

Keynote speakers and panels addressing timely topics in drug policy, harm reduction, leadership, organizing, and advocacy.

Multidisciplinary Assoc for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Dinner
(April 17, 2016) in Oakland CA, USA

MAPS is celebrating 30 years with a dinner and party in Oakland, California. This event is a fundraiser for the purchase of MDMA for their Phase 3 clinical trials, and for working towards making MDMA-assisted psychotherapy a legal treatment.
Latest Additions
Next in the series of lab books written by Sasha Shulgin, available now in a searchable edition. The seventh of the "Pharmacology" series, it covers Feb-Oct 1984. Includes many sessions with MDMA alone and in combination, as well as notes on Ethyl-LAD, "6-M'AM", 2C-F, MMDA-3a, N-(beta-hydroxyethyl)-MDA, and others.
Another translation by Ex Poro offered to speakers of Portuguese. The Psychedelic Crisis FAQ, first launched in 1997, describes how to assess a situation and determine what type of action needs to be taken to assist a person having an unusually strong experience.
Crew Notes
Our experience report triagers and reviewers are awesome! Over the past month, they've been focusing on longer reports (more than 8K words); the longest one is over 24,000 words. In that time, 175 new reports were submitted and our crew vetted 222. To check out what volunteers do:
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is an Erowid project that conducts laboratory testing of ecstasy tablets, research chemicals, and other drugs. We publish our results online along with analyses from other testing programs.
Erowid is often mentioned in articles and books. Mentions may include positive or critical reviews, as well as citations of Erowid content.
  • Visualizing Erowid
    Chemical Youth / University of Amsterdam (Mar 2016)
    A team of "digital anthropologists" from the University of Amsterdam has created novel visualizations of data from Erowid's experience report collection, such as most common word pairings by substance, and age/gender distribution by substance.
  • Marijuana-Impaired, or, Just Cannabinoid Positive?
    JurisPro Expert Witness Directory (Feb 2016)
    "Unlikely as the probability for effectively interrupting the effects following the ingestion of cannabis seems, a very reasoned process for effective ingestion of cannabis-containing products has been published on the EROWID web site which they have entitled 'L.E.S.S.'"
More New Content
  1. Portuguese-Language Index
    Translations hosted on Erowid and off-site information resources about psychoactive plants and chemicals, in Portuguese. Contact if you have recommendations for links.
  2. Memantine Images
    New image vault for this NMDA-antagonist.
Experience Reports
(see 95 new)
  • Seven-Hour Trip Cured My HPPD (S. divinorum/Amphetamines), by Jason
    "It wasn't until a few days after my experience that I realized that my HPPD was gone. I had been seeing spiraling geometry in grass and trees constantly for years, auras and colored edges to objects and rooms, shifting layers on textured surfaces, and thick 'visual static'..."
  • Disappointment (Nitrous Oxide), by broque
    "After four or five passes between my lungs and the balloon, I set it down and felt the now-familiar effects rush in. The feeling of light-headedness was more intense than before, as was the body buzz. Loss of coordination set in..."
  • Smooth Operator (Deschloroketamine), by InnerExplorer
    "It came on much quicker than ketamine. The dissociative rush began within seconds and reached its crescendo after the first minute. Sense of smell was greatly heightened, strangely, and I was melted into a deep dissociative relaxation."
From the Vaults
A perspective from a psychedelic-tech subculture promoter, looking back at the early 1990s, when "the world's governments were still quite clueless about the virtual world". Written by the then director of the Lycaeum, an important web forum and database of the time. The piece does not cover networked systems prior to 1992, or those outside of Usenet or publicly-acknowledged email lists.

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