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The New Yorker magazine has just published an article about us (Earth and Fire), as co-founders of Erowid. It's a profile of our past, how we started Erowid, our goals regarding psychoactive drug information, and what we eat for dinner. No, really!

This article comes on the occasion of Erowid's 20th anniversary and hopefully helps provide some insight into what we do.
"The Trip Planners: The unusual couple behind an online encyclopedia of psychoactive substances", by Emily Witt
Sampling of quotes:
"We emergency physicians pride ourselves on being pretty close to the street," Boyer told me. "Erowid just blew the doors off what we do."

"When Earth and Fire took me on a tour of their property, they showed me a three-story barn, filled with antique saws, a car-size diesel generator, and a gantry installed on railroad tracks. Their plan is to turn the top two stories into a library that would be open to researchers." [If we had the money.]

Fire & Earth

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"The Trip Planners"
The New Yorker,
Nov 23, 2016