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Earlier this year, Earth and Fire were interviewed for the New Zealand Drug Foundation's "Matters of Substance" magazine. The issue was delayed for a few months, but has finally been published. The author's full-version of the interview is online:

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Telluride Mushroom Festival
(Aug 15-19, 2014) in Telluride, CO
Latest Additions
As most of you have heard, legendary chemist, pharmacologist, and psychedelic friend Alexander Shulgin died on June 2nd. Hundreds of news articles and remembrances have been published and over 3,500 tweets have been posted. Add your thoughts and memories using #ThanksSasha. Read more about Sasha in Jon Hanna's obituary.
The Teafaerie rants about how the effects of new drugs are described, discussed, and marketed to new users.
An in-depth analysis of the interplay between society, culture, law, and ayahuasca consumption in Brazil. Beatriz Labate digs into how DMT is regulated in Brazil and how that relates to the ritual use of DMT in ayahuasca brews.
Prompted by survey work by Alicia Danforth and new research starting in Charlie Grob's lab at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, Robin Rymarczuk digs into the history of research using psychedelics to study and attempt to treat Autism.
Crew Notes
A Danish Erowid member pointed us at their band's music video in which the lead singer wears an Erowid T-Shirt on and off throughout. We enjoyed the music and the video. Thanks Raske Penge & Klumben, who are playing festivals in Denmark this summer!
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  1. Erowid Android Navigator App
    We've launched a volunteer-coded, open-source Erowid navigator app for Android 4.03 and up. This is the second Android app we've had and the developer is nearly ready with the next update. Give it a try and send us feedback about what features you'd like most as we move toward a more mobile-friendly Erowid!
  2. MDMA & Autism Study in Los Angeles
    Do you know someone with Autism who lives in Los Angeles? Charlie Grob and Alicia Danforth are seeking twelve total participants in a pilot study in the therapeutic use of MDMA in people with Autism, but participants must live within 30 miles of Harbor-UCLE Medical Center.
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EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street ecstasy tablets, research chemicals, and other drugs, and publishes the results online.
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