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We've been busy with content and development work over the past few months. Fire and Earth wrote a chapter about the kratom experience for a medical textbook. We also just finished a foreword to an upcoming digital manual about creating and running psychedelic crisis management services at festivals.

We've been improving the process for handling EcstasyData results. A new faster turnaround time means batches have been published weekly for the last six weeks. We've updated hundreds of files on the site and are working with a new set of volunteers from Reddit's r/drugs gang. Some joined as Experience triagers and others have volunteered to work on site improvements.

Spoon has been reworking the training process for new volunteers and Blaek has completed a template for Stolaroff Collection abstracts as well as writing abstracts/summaries for the first 500 documents.

As a non-profit organization, your financial and/or moral support are what helps us continue to improve public drug information!
Drug Geek Factlet
Did you know that 22 specific synthetic cannabinoids have been added to Schedule I in the US (illegal to possess without a license), including four scheduled on February 10, 2014? The latest didn't meet the "cannabimimetic agents" definition that Congress created to try to pre-emptively control new synthetic cannabinoids. The newly controlled substances are: PB-22 (QUPIC); 5-fluoro-PB-22 (5F-PB-22); AB-FUBINACA; and ADB-PINACA.
Clinical Applications of Cutting-Edge Research
(Mar 27) in Phoenix, AZ

Earth and Fire Erowid will be presenting "Psychoactive Plants 2014: Herbal Products and Extracts Used as Recreational Drugs" at this one-day conference.
Latest Additions
The Teafaerie returns with a Dear Jane letter to one of her long time allies, explaining the reasons for a change in the relationship.
After friendly and persistent lobbying from Dogecoin enthusiasts, we opened a wallet to accept the doggiest cryptocurrency. QuarkCoin was also added in February, bringing the total number of cryptocurrencies we accept to five (BTC, LTC, PPCoin, Dogecoin, and Quarkcoin). We also centralized cryptocurrency donation information to a single page.
Shawn continues to work on transcribing, redacting, and creating searchable PDFs from the original photographs of Dr. Shulgin's lab books and notebooks. He recently completed the work on Pharmacology Book 4, which covers Sasha's research from 1981 to 1982. This is the fifth book Shawn has led Erowid and Team Shulgin to making available.
An introduction to the basics about the relatively newly available LSZ, a chemical closely related to LSD. The new vault includes dosage and duration information, images, and legal status.
Crew Notes
A number of members have asked about including Erowid in their wills and estate planning. Even people without a lot of assets should write down notes about what they want done with their savings or property (such as books, art, or unpublished experience reports). If you have items, documents, or investments you'd like to contribute to Erowid in case of your untimely demise, visit our new Estate Planning page:

Another way to contribute, if you use, is to select Erowid as your chosen charity. Purchases made through will then result in 0.5% of your total being donated to Erowid Center!
From the Vaults
When Jon Hanna organized Mind States conferences outside the US, we were happy to join the epically-weird gang and experience the local cultures. One of the defining food plants of Mexico is the chile, but it isn't just food. Capsaicin, the spicy chemical in chiles, is properly considered psychoactive. This article from November 2004 discusses that issue and includes a lovely report by Fer about her unexpected dissociative experience after chewing on a tiny hot chile while out drinking mezcal with us in the Oaxaca city zocalo.
More New Content
  1. Combretum quadrangulare (Sakae Naa) Vault
    Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) and kratom products have received increasing media attention recently, with several jurisdictions considering controlling or prohibiting it. "Sakae Naa" has been advertised as a kratom replacement. We are collecting reports and information about this plant, though the general consensus among the Erowid crew is that it is unlike kratom in effects and should not be considered a replacement plant.
  2. Heroin Insufflation Dose Table
    Presumably because few heroin users weigh their material and normal usage patterns are to snort "some" and then redose ad libidum, it's taken us a long time to gather reliable data about heroin dosing. Based on experience reports and the help of some geeky heroin users, we've now added dose information for insufflated (snorted) heroin.
  3. Timeline of US Ibogaine Prohibition
    A short list of events in the history of ibogaine's legal status.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street ecstasy tablets and publishes these and other test results online.
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