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In History... 228 Years Ago Today
Narcophile Thomas de Quincey, author of Confessions of an English Opium Eater, was born on August 15, 1785. The full text of his seminal work is now in our online library.
Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics
(Oct 11-13, 2013) in New York, NY

With the goal of opening a fresh dialogue on the role of psychedelics in medicine, culture, history, spirituality, and creativity, the seventh annual Horizons conference will be held at Judson Memorial Church in New York. Earth and Fire Erowid will be presenting!
Latest Additions
Terence McKenna's "self-transforming machine elves"--discarnate entities contacted via the use of DMT--are by now well known within psychonautic circles. Is entity contact a phenomenon tied to this endogenous tryptamine, or do other psychedelics pony-up pixies, too? Jon Hanna investigates in this preview from his forthcoming book, DMT Underground.
Are fewer women interested in entheogenic experiences than men? If not, then what explains the limited number of female presenters at psychedelic events? The Teafaerie tackles this touchy topic, while lauding the efforts of those who produce the annual Women's Visionary Congress.
Sadly one of our favorite colleagues, Dr. Andrew Sewell, passed away on July 21, due to complications related to a surgical procedure. Andrew was an intelligent, thoughtful, humorous man, who often provided assistance in answering complex technical questions about science and research. As one of the most prolific young scientists pioneering in the arena of psychedelic research and as dear friend of Erowid, Andrew will be sorely missed.
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To all members: The new issue of Erowid Extracts is on its way and should be in your mailbox or email inbox within days, after being delayed for a month due to printing problems. The printer we've worked with for 11 years produces excellent quality but encountered an unexpected situation that delayed this issue.

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From the Vaults
With so many emerging drugs of possible concern, this month within "From The Vaults" we take a look back nearly two decades at a compound that is in such widespread use it now appears to truly be an epidemic. While vaporizers have been fairly "old hat" for some time now, new membrane purification techniques in common use today are making ever-more potent material available to users of any age. (It has been said that anyone who has ever tried it, invariably will attempt to score more.) Although it goes by a slew of different slang terms these days, back in 1994--when this FAQ came out--the popular street names included "liquid crystal", "hot ice", and "W".
More New Content
  1. NBOMe Bits: Cyclodextrin Delivery
    The EMCDDA notes that NBOME compounds are sometimes treated with a procedure new to street drugs, in order to help increase their absorption/potency.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street ecstasy tablets and publishes these and other test results online.
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