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Erowid crew and volunteers spent Bicycle Day and 4/20 reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones at the Psychedelic Science conference in Oakland, CA. From responses at Erowid's booth, Earth and Fire's presentation on "The State of the Stone" was a favorite among attendees. Their talk was filled to standing room only by around 400 people. The Daily Californian had a nice little write-up of the conference...

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In History... Ten & Sixty Years Ago Today
On April 25, 2003, "DNA Day" was first celebrated, marking 50 years since James Watson and Francis Crick published their results in Nature proposing the double-helix structure of DNA. Though it is often repeated that Crick conceived of the structure while on LSD, that appears to be false, since he didn't try LSD until 1967.
A Psychedelic Conversation:
Regarding Pharmacology, Creativity, and Solving Problem

(April 29, 2013) at the Wisconsin Union Directorate, Union South TITU

Join Drs. Jim Fadiman, Paul Daley, and Nicholas Cozzi for individual presentations followed by a panel discussion of psychedelic drugs.

Women's Visionary Congress
(June 14-16, 2013) in Petaluma, CA

The seventh annual Women's Visionary Congress will take place at the IONS Earthrise Retreat Center.
Latest Additions
Every culture has its own unique celebrations, and the psychedelic community has a few culturally important dates. Teafaerie takes a look at Bicycle Day and 4/20, then muses about the ways in which conferences are also like holidays. She presents thoughts on these events from a day before they happened, and reflects afterwards.
In November of 1996, Charles Grob visited Albert Hofmann near his home in Basel, Switzerland, in order to conduct this interview of the then-90-year-old chemist. Hofmann and Grob discuss the coming resurgence of psychedelic research and issues of spirituality.
This early self-report on the use of LSD is from Myron Stolaroff's papers, published as part of Erowid's Stolaroff Collection, and transcribed by Erowid volunteer Kalle. Coincidentally this trip, Stolaroff's first acid experience, took place exactly 13 years after Hofmann's initial accidental LSD exposure.
A new "Words" (version 3) design printed on high-quality 100% cotton khaki-green t-shirts is now available as a membership gift for donations of $45 and higher. The design is an eclectic collection of words, phrases, and ideas formed in the shape of the word "Erowid".
From the Vaults
In 1943, Dr. Albert Hofmann took humankind's first intentional LSD trip and discovered the psychoactive effects of this chemical that he'd created five years earlier, resulting in the most famous bicycle ride ever taken. The date was April 19th; it was the day after Superman had been born, five years earlier. And five years ago on the 29th of April, the ‹bermensch of Entheogens passed away at the respectable age of 102.

Since LSD was discovered, the earth has completed its voyage around the sun 70 times; hence, this year's Bicycle Day marked the "Platinum Jubilee" for the King of Psychedelics psychoptic birth. During April, Erowid honors the real-life superhero Albert Hofmann and his world-changing wonder child.
More New Content
  1. Ayahuasca Fatalities
    New summary page for known ayahuasca-related fatalities. Please let us know if there are other cases that should be added or other resources we should link to on this topic.
  2. 25C-NBOMe Fatalities
    New summary page for known 25C-NBOMe-related fatalities. One of the family of phenethylamine-related psychedelics, 25C-NBOMe is active below a single milligram. Sadly, several hospitalizations and deaths have been associated with the super potent -NBOMe chemicals. Please let us know if there are other verified cases that should be added.
  3. MDAI Law
    Information on the legal status of MDAI.
  4. DEA Testimony
    The text of the DEA's testimony before the House on prescription drug abuse and synthetic drugs.
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