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With over 13 million visitors so far this year, 830 new experience reports edited and published, 290 drug samples analyzed, hundreds of documents added to our library, thousands of questions answered, and support work provided for a number of important causes, Erowid Center has had an amazingly successful 2012. Thanks to everyone for helping psychoactive drug information evolve this year.

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Breaking the Taboo

A grassroots campaign calling for an end to the War on Drugs. Includes a new documentary about the history and failures of the drug war, and a petition you can sign. They are working to get a million signatures by the end of 2012. Spread the word!
Latest Additions
Following Book 6, the fully transcribed "Chemistry" lab book that we published in September, we now present the first in the series of Shulgin's "Pharmacology" lab books, comprising experiential data from 1960-1976. Thanks to our volunteers who participated in transcribing.
Expansion of our information about d-lysergic acid amide, a naturally occurring chemical structurally related to LSD that is found in plants such as the Hawaiian baby woodrose and some morning glories. Added new Basics, Effects, Health, and Chemistry pages.
In this article from the final issue of The Entheogen Review R. Andrew Sewell, MD, presents a historic overview of how promising treatments for painfully disabling cluster headaches sprang from the underground use of illicit psychedelics, including LSD, psilocybin, and LSA.
Even the skeptically minded can benefit from entertaining a degree of respectful reflection and expressed intention when approaching the consumption of psychoactives.
From the Vaults
In this 1997 interview, which originally appeared in The Resonance Project magazine, Michael Pinchera grills McKenna about his use of Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, tryptamine-containing plants, Salvia species, and his brother Terence's 2012 predictions.

The paperback version of Dennis's new book "The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss" will be on Amazon any day now. The Kindle version is already available!
More New Content
  1. Psychozoic Press - Issue No. 8
    Issue 8 (Summer 1984) features an interview with PP editor, Elvin Smith; an article on sacred mushrooms and religious freedom; Part 4 of an interview with Terence McKenna; Tom Lyttle's musings on psychedelics and neurochemistry; and mushroom cultivation tips.
  2. Updated Dose and Effects for 4-Acetoxy-DMT
    Charts for dose and time course of insufflated 4-Acetoxy-DMT added to the substance's Dose and Effects pages.
  3. Updated Dose and Effects for 4-HO-MET
    Charts for dose and time course of insufflated 4-HO-MET added to the substance's Dose and Effects pages.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street ecstasy tablets and publishes these and other test results online.
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