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Drug Geek Factlet
The US Congress is moving to schedule 26 chemicals under the proposed "Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act" (S. 3187), including MDPV, mephedrone, 9 from the 2C- family and 15 synthetic "cannabinoids". The law would create a new broader definition of "cannabamimetic agents" to include chemical variations of these synthetic cannabinoids and would also double the duration that a temporary scheduling lasts (from 18 to 36 months).
Psychoactivity IX
(Oct 14-21 & Oct 25-Nov 1, 2012) at Dhulikhel Mountain Resort, Nepal

Shamans from Nepal meet shamans from Colombia, in Psychoactivity's second intercultural exchange of shamanic traditions between the Himalaya and the Amazon.
Latest Additions
The main causes of most oral cannabis overdoses are avoidable. As vendors selling edible cannabis products multiply and reports of classic consumption errors continue to be common, it's important to document techniques for successfully working with oral cannabis.
Author of one of the first books to examine the indigenous uses of coca leaf and denounce the cocaine industry, anthropologist Anthony Henman has a rich body of work on topics ranging from South American plants to prohibition and harm reduction policies.
Baclofen (Kemstro; Lioresal; Gablofen) is a muscle relaxant that acts on the GABA-B receptors. It is mainly prescribed to treat spasticity, and has seen some use for the treatment of alcoholism.
Crew Notes
Do you have a copy of What is Reality?, the out-of-print book (or is it a recording?) by Alan Watts (ISBN 0897081676)? We hope to use it for fact checking, but can't find a copy, even through Interlibrary Loan. If you have a loaner copy or want to donate it to the Erowid Library, email to let us know.
From the Vaults
Integration is the part of a psychedelic experience where the experiencer gets to take some of the journey back into their normal day-to-day life. It can take months or even years to fully integrate a powerful trip. This is an adjunct to the Psychedelic Experience FAQ and the Psychedelic Crisis FAQ.
More New Content
  1. Psychozoic Press
    The sixth issue of the Psychozoic Press (Winter 1983) profiles the Peyote Way Church, continues an interview with Terence McKenna, presents Tom Lyttle's trip report on belladonna, interviews Stanley Krippner, describes experiences with PCP, reflects on pharmacology and probability, and features a letter from Timothy Leary.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street ecstasy tablets and publishes these and other test results online.
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