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As we move towards Solstmas and 2012--a year that promises stories about Mayan prophecies and homages to Terence McKenna--the Erowid crew has been digging through more archiving work. While the DEA has been busy harassing medical marijuana dispensaries and emergency scheduling some euphoric stimulants, we've been finishing the next issue of Erowid Extracts and prepping for November's Reform Conference. We're also thinking ahead to December gatherings: Entheogenesis Australis and MAPS' Cartographie Psychedelica. We hope to see some of you at these events!
Drug Geek Factlet
Research published in 2010 found that acetaminophen (paracetamol) was able to reduce the cognitive pain of social rejection. Although acetaminophen is well known for reducing physical pain, this research shows how blurry the lines can be between psychoactive and non-psychoactive drugs.
Cartographie Psychedelica: MAPS Celebrates 25 Years of Research & Education
(Dec 8-12, 2011) Oakland, California

Sure to be another memorable event, Erowid will have a table at the MAPS conference. Stop by and say hello.

Beyond: Transpersonal Photographs
(Oct 13 - Dec 31) Culver City, California

Stunning portraits of counter-cultural figures by photographer Marc Franklin.

Latest Additions
Highly anticipated, The Shulgin Index is now available. This entry for MBDB, the lesser-known cousin of MDMA that inspired David Nichols' 1986 coining of the term "entactogen", offers a peek at the book's content.
A set of short excerpts from experience reports about five newer substances--stimulants, psychedelics, and a dissociative--for which there are few written descriptions available.
While cataloging the Stolaroff Collection, Jon Hanna ran across an infamous article penned by a young undergrad named Andrew Weil and his co-author Joseph Russin. The two report on and editorialize about Harvard's expulsion of Alpert (Ram Dass) and Timothy Leary.
Crew Notes
Fire and Earth Erowid will be speaking at the Drug Policy Alliance's biennial International Drug Policy Reform Conference, held November 2-5, 2011, in Los Angeles, CA. They will participate in a panel on Salvia, Synthetic Marijuana, & Emerging Drug Criminalization Trends.
From the Vaults
Twenty-five years ago on October 27, the Controlled Substance Analogue Enforcement Act of 1986 was signed into U.S. law. This piece of legislation was the first of its kind, effectively making substances illegal that hadn't (and still haven't) yet been invented.
More New Content
  1. Lab Notes from an Unintentional BZ Experiment
    In 1962, while synthesizing BZ, James Moore accidentally ingested some of this unpleasant deliriant and recorded his experience. A student of his provided the lab book pages and a brief introduction about Moore, the undercover CIA agent who accompanied Wasson to the highlands of Mexico to search for psilocybin-containing mushrooms.
  2. Shulgin Collection - Experience Reports
    Another five experience reports from Sasha Shulgin's lab books have been transcribed and added to the vaults. These are reports for MDMA, Aleph-4, and 2C-D by Shulgin's research group, from 1978.
  3. Medical Marijuana: U.S. Legal History Review
    A comprehensive review of the legal history of medical cannabis in the United States, through April 2010, by Mark Eddy of the Congressional Research Service. Includes information about legal cases, laws, regulations, and bills. The CRS is a non-partisan academic wing of the U.S. Congress that does targeted reviews at the request of Senators and Representatives.
  4. H.R. Giger Character Vault
    A new vault focused on the Swiss visionary artist H.R. Giger, of Alien movie fame. His biomechanical artwork adroitly expresses humanity's inner shadow.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street ecstasy tablets and publishes these and other test results online.
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