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Drug Geek Factlet
The Erowid crew spends time every week sorting through submissions about the legal status of various plants and chemicals around the world. New information about these laws are published on our Law pages for affected substances.

Recently, Pennsylvania banned the sale or possession of a list of research chemicals including cannabinoids and several cathinone stimulants being sold as "bath salts". While the new law won't take effect until mid August, a Lancaster county judge took the unusual step of issuing a civil order to immediately implement the ban in his county. This civil order skirts the edges of legality, as there appears to be little basis for the judge's authority to ban a substance on "public nuisance" grounds. But who is going to sue?
Earth and Fire will be speaking later this month at the fifth annual
Women's Visionary Congress (July 29 - 31, 2011) near Petaluma, CA.
Latest Additions
A review of the issue that ketamine users seem to experience mild to severe urinary tract and bladder health problems, including increased frequency of urination, urinary incontinence, pain during urination, passing blood in the urine, and reduced bladder size.
A new vault for a stimulant first synthesized in 1942, but recently available on the research chemical markets. Sharing some structural similarity to methamphetamine, there is little data available about this chemical.
Methylethyltryptamine (MET) is a close cousin of psychedelic tryptamines DMT and DET. A handful of experience reports and some assumptions about similarities to related substances are about all that's known about it.
Crew Notes
As of this month, Spoon has been working with Erowid for 10 years. Since starting in July 2001, she has reviewed over 11,000 experience reports. As one of Erowid's senior editors and the primary manager of Experience Vault volunteers, her dedication, insights, attention to detail, and patience with the amorphous Erowid organizational style have made her integral to the success of the project. Huzzah for Spoon!
From the Vaults
A brief reminder that accurately measuring doses can mean the difference between a good or great experience and one spent hiding under the covers (or worse). Especially important as research chemicals with extremely low doses become available.
More New Content
  1. World Drug Report - 2011
    This annual report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime discusses trends in illicit drug markets around the world.
  2. Energy Control Drug Checking Service Activity Report - 2010
    A summary of Energy Control's analysis of street drugs in 2010, covering 1,680 samples of psychoactive substances. This Spanish drug testing organization, which mostly analyzes ecstasy, cocaine, and speed, has also been at the forefront of testing research chemicals, with 34 samples of mephedrone tested in 2010.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets and publishes these and other test results online.
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