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Community Update
A tragic fire by arson burned author Jonathan Ott's home to the ground in mid-March. He was lecturing in Spain at the time and is personally safe, but homeless and shaken. Read more at:
Latest Additions
Our street ecstasy laboratory testing program has new funding, thanks to Dancesafe! To accompany the relaunch, we have redesigned the site and updated back-end code. Anonymous testing of tablets now requires only a $40 co-pay (previously $120). Check it out and spread the word.
Stan Grof has created numerous pieces of art during his years of experience with nonordinary states of consciousness. Several of his paintings depict the four Basic Perinatal Matrices, described in Realms of the Human Unconscious. Check out some of his work in this new art vault.
We added new character vaults for Alicia Danforth, Amanda Feilding, Lorenzo Hagerty, Robert Jesse, Michael Mithoefer, and Leo Zeff. See below for more info.
Crew Notes
Thanks to those who contributed to our New Server Drive. More than 50 people made donations toward this important piece of equipment, including one large unexpected contribution of $5,000. We're looking forward to getting the new server set up and running the site.

And in Shulgin lab book news: Lab Book 1 has been transcribed and 45% proofread, thanks to the work of 18 awesome volunteers. We'll soon be starting on Book 2. Volunteer now to help turn Sasha Shulgin's scribblings into readable/searchable text!
From the Vaults
The introduction to Jonathan Ott's book Pharmacotheon remains one of the most powerful, lucid descriptions of why the war on drugs is a flawed and failed approach to handling recreational psychoactives.
More New Content
  1. Alicia Danforth Vault
    Danforth has worked with the Harbor-UCLA psilocybin research project and her current area of inquiry is MDMA and Asperger Syndrome.
  2. Amanda Feilding Vault
    Feilding is the director and founder of the Beckley Foundation in England, which funds scientific investigations into the use and effects of psychoactive drugs.
  3. Lorenzo Hagerty Vault
    Hagerty is the host of the Psychedelic Salon, a regular podcast series showcasing people interested in psychoactives.
  4. Robert Jesse Vault
    As founder of the Council on Spiritual Practices, Jesse initiated contemporary research into the psychospiritual effects of psilocybin.
  5. Michael Mithoefer Vault
    Mithoefer's FDA-approved research with MDMA is the first of its kind in the United States.
  6. Leo Zeff Vault
    A beloved pioneer of the psychedelic therapy movement, Zeff was "Adam Fisher" in PIHKAL, and The Secret Chief describes his work.
  7. Keep that Mimosa Mud?
    A discussion of unrefined Mimosa tenuiflora extract and the Noman "DMT for the Masses" Tek. Originally appeared in The Entheogen Review.
  8. The Occurrence, Recreational Use, Cultivation, and Chemistry of Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata, a new Bluing Species (Agaricales) from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
    The latest mycological findings about a psilocybin-containing fungus from experts John Allen and Jochen Gartz.
  9. Heroin & Drug Testing
    Detection period and description of test types for heroin.
  10. Microgram Bulletin Archive
    An archive of the DEA's publication, the Microgram Bulletin, which has been publicly available since 2003. Sadly, as of 2010, it no longer contains useful information about drug trends and seizures.
Ecstasy Data is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets and other drugs, and publishes the results online.
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