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Drug Geek Factlet
Seattle's Downtown Emergency Service Center tried a novel method of reducing alcohol use and social service costs among the homeless. Participants were given housing and allowed to drink, without having to seek treatment. Over a one-year period, the city saved $4 million dollars and alcohol consumption among participants was reduced by almost one third.
Latest Additions
4-methylmethcathinone's effects have been likened to cocaine, MDMA, and amphetamines, it can elicit compulsive redosing in some users, and disturbing and persistent negative effects have been reported.
Out-of-print for nearly a decade, now available as a 238-page PDF (via the "Read it online" link), this rare monograph by DeKorne, Aardvark and Trout combines pertinent data from issues of The Entheogen Review (1992 through 1999).
Confusion regarding the alkaloid profile of Duboisia hopwoodii may stem from a poor understanding of analyses done on different parts of the plant, which do not all contain the same chemicals.
When we were asked to add the medical term "akinetopsia" to the DXM Effects page, we analyzed descriptions of the visual stop-motion effect reported by many DXM users. This article is a look at the effect and some problems with the terminology used to describe it.
Crew Notes
Erowid will have a table at the upcoming Harmony Festival being held in Northern California, June 12-14. Stop by and say hi!
More New Content
  1. Teatime: Hone Your Own Flow
    The Teafaerie contemplates synchronicity, manifestation, and repetition of pattern as related to psychedelics.
  2. Myristica fragrans: An Exploration of the Narcotic Spice
    An overview of nutmeg as a spice, medicine, and inebriant, including a detailed analysis of dosage and effects based on Erowid experience reports. First published in The Entheogen Review.
  3. Diplopterys cabrerana Image Vault
    D. cabrerana is used as a DMT-containing admixture plant in some ayahuasca preparations. Includes leaf, seed, and whole plant images.
  4. The Office of Experiments' Truth Serum Threat
    Nicolas Langlitz's article discussing truth serums, their history, and the debate about their use after 9-11.
  5. New Version of Alprazolam FAQ
    May 14 marked the ninth year since the first public release of the Alprazolam FAQ by Mr. Egomaniac, one of the most detailed pharmaceutical FAQs hosted by Erowid. Among other updates, version 2.9 includes an expansion of the list of brand names used for alprazolam around the world.
Ecstasy Data is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets and publishes the results online.
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