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Erowid Announcement #36
November 22, 2003
Greetings Friends,

Issue #5 of our newsletter Erowid Extracts should have arrived on members doorsteps this week. Included in the 24 page publication are articles on the Pseudo-Science of the War on Drugs, Limiting Liability while Discussing Psychoactives, the Analysis of Street LSD, the Importance of Measured Doses, an update of our progress on Erowid 3.0, and more. We're looking for feedback about the content, design, and presentation from those who have received it. If you'd like to become a member and receive Extracts, visit

A big thanks to those who responded to our Wish List in the last announcement. We've recently expanded the list with 18 more books we've hope to add to our resources. If you would like to help build the Erowid library by contributing a book, you can find our list at:

And as always, we want to thank all of the volunteers who help out behind the scenes at Erowid, by pointing out broken links, submitting articles and images, and helping create new Vaults. Through this sort of collective effort the collective human knowledgebase will evolve. We hope one day to have better systems in place to share all the positive feedback we get with more of those who help out.

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire, earth, & the Erowid crew


  1. Extracts #4 Content (May 2003)

    History : Psychoactives in History
    Legal Updates Related to Psychoactive Issues
    Boundaries in Question: Examining Visionary Art
    5-MeO-DIPT : AMT & 5-MeO-DIPT Emergency Scheduled
    Clarifying Erowid's Vision
    Erowid Punctuation Policy: Data-Safe Quotes

  2. New Substance Vaults


  3. New Spirit Vault Articles

    Christianity : Pentecostalism

  4. New Character Vaults

    Betty Eisner
    Dale Pendell

  5. New Law Pages

    Passion Flower

  6. The Subjective Effects of Nitrous Oxide, by William James

    One of the earliest articles on the effects of Nitrous Oxide, originally published in 1882.

  7. Inipi - The Sweat Lodge, by Tony

    A great report about a nine month long experience with Lakota sweat lodge ceremonies.

  8. Origins of the Red-Spored Psilocybe

    A description of a new variety of Psilocybe which bears reddish-brown spores rather than the traditional dark purplish-brown spores that Psilocybes are known for.

  9. New Image Vault Addition

    Psilocybe Mushroom Tea

  10. Art Vaults
    November Featured Artist: Jioui

    Art vault submissions and additions are on hold during as they undergo reorganization and updating. The new version should be up by Dec 1st.

  11. 120 New Experience Reports

  12. Books Added to the Library / Bookstore
    We've added 27 new books to the library. Highlights include:

    Brain Mechanisms and Psychotropic Drugs
    LSD: The Age of Mind
    The Healing Forest
    Visionary Vine

For a more complete listing of What's New at Erowid go to:

Between Oct 24 and Nov 22, results were posted for 6 new tablets.


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