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Erowid Announcement #35
October 24, 2003
Greetings Friends,

The last three weeks we've been busy working on issue #5 of our print newsletter, Erowid Extracts. It's in the printer's hands now and will be mailed out to members in about two weeks. Those who become Erowid members before November 1st will get issue #4 in addition to this new issue. This announcement is full of articles from past issues of Erowid Extracts. Check them out to get a sense of what's included.

In other news, we recently started a Wish List at, for anyone who feels inspired to contribute a book to the Erowid Library. Our physical library is an integral part of the work done at Erowid. Books in our collection are used as reference materials and are reviewed and listed on the site to help others find them more easily. Our wishlist can be found by searching Amazon wishlists for "Erowid", or visiting:
We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire, earth, & the Erowid crew


  1. Extracts #3 (Oct 2002)

    Face to Face with NIDA
    Myth Debunking: Amanita muscaria and Liver Damage
    Data Points in the Void
    Surveying Erowid: Results of Visitor Surveys Are In
    The Challenges of Visionary Parenting
    Albert Hofmann's Collection of LSD and Psilocybin-Related Papers
    Experience Report Reviewing: The Good,The Bad, and the Ugly
    The Quest: Acquisition Tips from the World of Mycology
    Obituary: Bob Wallace - The Death of a Friend and Benefactor.

  2. Extracts #2 (Dec 2001)

    Three Great Psychedelic Pioneers
    Etymology of Erowid
    Do Antioxidants Protect Against MDMA Hangover, Tolerance, and Neurotoxicity?
    Web Sites with Misinformation About Illicit Drugs: Response to NEJM
    Re-examining MDA Duration
    Meme Cultivation: Good Drugs, Bad Drugs
    Storage Tips: Labelling Psychedelics Clearly
    An Interview with Andrew Weil
    Myth Debunking: Mescaline Content of T. peruvianus and T. pachanoi
    Further- Remembrance of Ken Kesey
    Mouth-Smoking Cannabis

  3. Synthesis Problems with the Conversion of DXM to DXO

    Notes about the issue of accidental DXO production during the extraction of DXM.

  4. IAP Vault (Indanylamphetamine, IndanylAminoPropane)

    A new vault with some basic information about IAP.

  5. Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) Timeline

    A few interesting dates in the history of Flunitrazepam.

  6. Art Vaults Additions

    October Featured Artist: Jory Gaunce

  7. New Image Vault Additions
    We've added 10 new images to the Vaults. Highlights include:

    Front and Back of a Green Rophynol Tablet
    Two Bufo alvarius Toads
    10 New Ecstasy Tablet Images

  8. 100 New Experience Reports

  9. Books Added to the Library / Bookstore
    We've added 3 new books to the library.

    Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs: Legalization, A Debate
    Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs: Drugs and the Brain
    Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs: Designer Drugs

For a more complete listing of What's New at Erowid go to:
Conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets. All testing has been suspended until further funding is found.

Between Sept 17 and Oct 30, results were posted for 19 new tablets.


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