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Jury Power & "Drug Peace!"
American Anti-Prohibition League
Originally appearing as a press release
DRUG WAR? <<<<<< OR >>>>>> DRUG PEACE!

3125 SE Belmont Street
Portland Oregon U.S.A. 97214
October 24, 1996



A cornerstone of the struggle for "Drug Peace!" is the application of what we call Positive Jury Nullification of adult drug prohibition. Admittedly it is a radical response, advocating that jurors throw-out anti-drug laws; but it's a response necessitated by our government's radical distortion of the common law. As Thomas Jefferson put it, "creating crimes in order to punish them."

Basically all the league wants jurors sitting on adult drug cases to do is look for a victim. If no REAL victim can be determined then we ask jurors to use their power, and exercise their right to nullify the law by voting NOT GUILTY; even if this results in a hung jury. It's a lot to ask, nonetheless that's exactly why we have juries in the first place. The historical records indicate nullification played a major role in abolishing slavery, winning women's suffrage, and Repeal of Alcohol Prohibition.

Juries are our last line of defense against the inappropriate use of power by the state.

No Victim? No Crime!

Floyd Ferris Landrath - Director
American Anti-Prohibition League