Tryptophan (also 5-HTP; l-tryptophan) Reports - General
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Recommended A Profound Journey - Retrospective Andrea P. MDMA 2018 Jun 06
The Abhorrent Side of a Legal Hi Shayne H. Herbal Ecstasy - Vector Shot (5-HTP, Theanine, Phenibut, Yohimbe, Synephrine & Caffeine) & Cannabis 2010 Apr 07
Absolute Lucidity Dreamscape Calea zacatechichi & 5-HTP 2006 Mar 13
Unexpected Effects Phaar L-tryptophan 2005 Apr 23
After Hours Makpak MDMA & 5-HTP 2004 Feb 14
Not Worth It happylovegirl 5-HTP 2017 Aug 07
Anti-Depressant Microdosing PinkFluffyUnicorns Syrian Rue & 5-HTP 2016 Jul 28
Dream Seizure Empire Tryptophan - 5-HTP & Valerian 2006 Jun 28
Unexpected Neko 5-HTP 2005 Aug 24
Be Careful VariolaMajor 5-HTP 2004 Jan 02
No Significant Recreational Merit Legion Bob 5-HTP 2001 Sep 25
Spacey Kinda Life imruu 5-HTP 2001 Mar 01
5-HTP Experiments wh 5-HTP 2001 Feb 22
Hard Sleep jem Paroxetine (Paxil) & 5-HTP 2000 Oct 19
Good for Small Improvement in Mood and Sleep Jules 5-HTP 2018 May 31
My Life Is Much Better A Tryptophan 2018 May 28
Did Not Assist With Withdrawal Symptoms Sleepdust 5-HTP & Paroxetine (Paxil) 2008 Jun 16
Sedation Alley Teenagepsychonaut Kava, Valerian, Tryptophan, Vitamin B-6 & Various 2006 Apr 18
Satisfied Writer 5-HTP 2011 Aug 24
Weightless Limbs teh_haxor 5-HTP 2004 Dec 30
Amino-Acid Head ictus 5-HTP, L-Glutamine & L-Tyrosine 2003 Jun 10

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