Police / Customs Reports - Bad Trips
Bad Trips
(19 Total)

Recommended Brief Psychosis Budman DOC 2013 Jan 10
Recommended Hospital Hell Porridge Mushrooms 2012 Aug 25
Recommended Judged by the Primordial Energy Roger LSD & Cannabis 2009 Aug 31
Recommended The Day I Died. Or So I Thought. Unknown LSD, Cannabis & Alcohol 2007 Feb 09
Beauty and Bliss, Darkness and Insanity Pope Roberts LSD 2019 May 08
7 Cops and One Bad Trip Seti DOC & Cannabis 2011 Aug 19
Typical Paranoid Schitzo Hugo Cannabis 2010 Jul 16
Aliens and a Police Chase Kelson Alcohol 2006 May 26
Zen vs. Insanity Smoke psilo Mushrooms 2004 May 03
My Deepest Fears Land Me in Prison anon LSD & Cannabis 2003 Mar 09
Out-of-Body and Paralyzing The Black Pearl 25B-NBOMe, Methamphetamine & MDMA 2016 Aug 19
A Cautionary Tale Bad_Night_In_Boulder 5-MeO-DMT & Alcohol 2010 May 04
My Second Self Has Emerged Light Headed Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) & Cannabis 2007 Sep 18
Stupidity When Driving R Alcohol, Cannabis & Police 2007 Mar 29
Arrested and Brought to the Hospital DaViD m. Datura 2002 Apr 07
Mistakes Pay a Heavy Price shwobo 2C-B & Alcohol 2022 Sep 24
Total Ego Meltdown Tae 25I-NBOMe 2018 Oct 10
Overdosing is no Fun Youngbuck AMT 2008 Mar 05
Police and Blood Be Careful 5-MeO-DiPT 2003 Mar 31

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