Absinthe Reports - Retrospective / Summary
Retrospective / Summary
(28 Total)

Highly Recommended WormX Review Flop Absinthe 2007 Jan 12
Recommended Chasing the Green Fairy The Black Atlantic Wormwood, Absinthe & Various 2009 Sep 09
Recommended Extended Use Leads to [X] Billie B. Absinthe 2009 Jul 08
Recommended Imagination Stimulated EchoAssimilator Absinthe 2008 Feb 01
Recommended Good Absinthe is Divine Assassin Absinthe 2001 Dec 27
Prolonged Absinthe Use 0nelove Absinthe 2012 Mar 22
Incredibly Energized Schwarzmagier Wormwood & Alcohol 2008 Apr 27
A Right and Proper way to Share the Drink Photographer Chad Absinthe 2007 Jul 25
Home Preparation, Good Results Pervitron Absinthe 2007 Feb 07
Making the Green Drink Immoral Implant Absinthe (homemade) 2007 Jan 23
Fun at New Year's Eve Greengills Absinthe & Cannabis 2007 Jan 23
Madness in a Bottle Me Absinthe 2006 Dec 05
Great Synergy Taylor the Pi-Bond Absinthe & Cannabis 2006 Dec 05
Jaeger without the Sugar kamoey Absinthe 2003 Feb 07
Prague in a Bottle Mr. Thujone Absinthe (Czech) 2003 Feb 07
Interesting, Pleasurable, Disturbing JackVega Absinthe 2002 Jun 29
Bad Taste, Drunk, Shortlived Trippy Effects Jewish Matzah Bread Absinthe (Homemade) 2007 May 02
The Joys of Absinthism Ixodic Absinthe 2007 Apr 25
Swinging with the Faerie MInd Guerilla Absinthe 2003 Feb 08
Drinking the Green Hassan Absinthe 2000 Oct 24
A Brief Clarification on Absinthe T.A.B. Absinthe 2000 Sep 07
My Opinions on Absinthe Pryncess XanaX Absinthe 2000 Jul 15
Absinthe's Real Deal Anonymous Absinthe 2000 Jun 11
The Emerald Princess Kheophex Absinthe 2000 May 31
Pseudo-Inebriation ]uFo[ Abinsthe (Homemade) 2007 Feb 24
Crossing the Fallen Walls CantorDust Absinthe 2003 Nov 25
Spanish Ass Drink Dutchboi Absinthe 2007 Mar 13
Absinthe in Japan Crossslash Absinthe 2000 Jul 16

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