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About the Erowid Experience Vaults

Erowid's Experience Vaults are an attempt to collect, catalog, and publish the wide variety of experiences people have with psychoactive plants and chemicals, as well as experiences with endogenous (non-drug) mystical experiences, drug testing, police interactions, meditation, mind machines, etc.

It has become extremely clear over Erowid's 25+ years of researching psychoactives that the variation in individual experience with any specific chemical is dramatic and unexpected. Huge differences occur in intensity and character of reactions even within a single individual at consistent dosages. Within a large population containing many different biochemistries, psychologies, personal histories, pharmacological baselines, varying dosages, quality of materials, and idiosyncratic reactions, the picture becomes extraordinarily complex.

Our intention is to help illuminate this complex picture by documenting how and why people are using psychoactives and what people report their experiences to be. We are working to create a comprehensive system that simplifies the submission of reports, incorporates reviews of reports by trusted members with expertise in the field, and makes sorting, searching and accessing of reports as easy as possible.

The Experience Vaults include a system for reviewing, categorizing, and then re-reviewing each experience that is entered with trained and knowledgeable staff and volunteers reading reports and evaluating each one for interest, quality, credibility, and focus on effects or outcomes. Each report is then organized by substance (or non-substance category), primary category, and a number of secondary categories by which they can be sorted and filtered for viewing.

We have had an incredible response to the Experience Vaults, with more than 117,000 reports having been submitted in the past 22 years. We believe these reports are an important part of documenting humanity's use of psychoactives, and we do our best to keep reviewing and processing reports in a timely manner, but it can take more than a year for some reports to be reviewed. Please be patient.

Copyrights / Usage Agreement #
The reports in Erowid's Experience Vaults are copyrighted by Erowid Center. Authors have permission to use their own reports as they wish. Researchers and authors may NOT "mine", distill, or use aggregate data from Experience Vaults without prior written permission. Publishing data analysis (in journals, books, or articles) without the prior permission of Erowid Center is a violation of the usage agreement of this website. Please contact us at to discuss projects and crediting requirements. We generally agree to such use, but misinterpretation of experience report data and improper citation and credit of Erowid in most peer-reviewed articles that use our data has led us to take this step. Explicit permission is required before conducting or publishing data analysis of Erowid's experience report collection.

Revision History #
  • Sep 2023 - Updated some mobile styling, added horrible mobile header
  • Jan 2023 - Number of reports submitted updated to 117,000+; numbers of years project has been active updated.
  • April 2013 - Over 100,000 reports submitted : The design goal of version 1.0 was to handle up to 100K experiences.
  • v1.94 - 2008-2013 - Various bug fixes, updates, and revisions.
  • v1.93 - May 2007 - Beta testing PDF report view, written by Zhah.
  • v1.92 - March 2006 - Timer-warning on submission page to warn people to edit long experience texts in an external editor. Added low tech anti-spam captcha and other stupid techniques to block some spam that had started coming in recently. Admin side, improved performance very slightly on triage, moved report bodies into separate table to try to improve non-body search performance.
  • v1.91 - July 2005 - Marginal and lower reports no longer shown by default: "show cellar" must be checked in the search page to find reports rated low. 1-3 stars shown to indicate report rating instead of different star colors.
  • v1.90 - Jan 2005 - Beta test for new triaging system ends, 1.0 release.
  • v1.85 - April 2004 - Beta testing triage system for admin side.
  • v1.7 - 2003 - Substance names that appear in the dose chart at the top of each report are now linked to the main information vault for that substance.
  • v1.6 - July 15, 2001 - Original display date and number of views per report now being displayed at the bottom of each report.
  • v1.5 - Oct 16, 2000 - Added Author Collections and Advanced Search features as well as fixing a few bugs. Began tracking views of individual reports. There are about 11,000 report being read each day.
  • v1.0 - June 27, 2000 - The Experience Vaults go live.
  • v1.0 beta - June 15, 2000 - Beta testing of version 1.0 is started.
  • v0.5 - April, 2000 - The initial design of the system is completed.
Feature Wish List #
  1. Visitor ratings. Comments and ratings filtered by members and regular visitors.
  2. Help Page. An introductory walk through for new visitors, describing the basic search functions and the logic behind the "in combination with / " syntax.

COPYRIGHTS: All reports copyright Erowid.
TERMS OF USE: By accessing this page, you agree not to download, analyze, distill, reuse, digest, or feed into any AI-type system the report data without first contacting Erowid Center and receiving written permission.

Experience Reports are the writings and opinions of the authors who submit them. Some of the activities described are dangerous and/or illegal and none are recommended by Erowid Center.

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