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Never Want to Leave That Spot
Oxycodone (Oxycontin)
by Neato
Citation:   Neato. "Never Want to Leave That Spot: An Experience with Oxycodone (Oxycontin) (exp9826)". Feb 25, 2002.

    Pharms - Oxycodone (pill / tablet)


It all started this summer when my friend S told me about this great drug called percocet. I knew a little about it, it was supposed to fuck you up quite a bit. But what I wanted was oxycontin. My friend Pete had told me it was the greatest high he had ever had. Well, Sam brought me a pill of 'percocet' which I looked at and knew immediately was really a 40mg pill of oxy. I took it and later was messed up beyond belief, I felt wildly drunk, not very euphoric. I ended up puking my guts out. I didn't like oxy.

A few months later I gave oxy another try. I bought a 40mg pill, and cut it in half. Then I chopped it up until it was a very fine powder. I snorted the powder, and 15 minutes later I felt the most relaxed I have ever been in my life. I felt great, like there was nothing that could ever touch me. I felt perfect. Just a feeling of well being... total euphoria. A couple hours later I started to come down from this high, and I got worried. I loved the high. So I snorted the other half of the pill to get back up to the high I had earlier. So began my obsession with oxy.

I'm not going to get into the details, but over the next few months I spent almost all my money on oxy, which I obtained pretty cheaply, 10 bucks for a 40mg pill, and unlimited quantity. I kept it to a weekend habit, I never was, and still am not totally addicted. I've seen what addiction can do, so I usually cut myself off. I read more and more about injecting it, so I thought, what the hell. I cooked up a pill and shot it into my vein. It was the best high I had ever had. The intensity of the come up was so great that after 10 seconds I couldnít even stand up. I just laid on my bed in total and complete bliss. So from then on every time I got oxy I injected it. I was starting to do damage to my veins, and I could see the scar tissue protruding from the skin. My friends, who donít even smoke pot got very worried about me, so I quit oxy all together. I stopped injecting and the wounds healed. I didn't suffer withdrawal but I felt something was gone out of my life.

Fast forward to last weekend. I had some money, so I thought what the hell. I bought 2 80mg pills and 1 40mg pill. I had thrown my needle away and decided never to inject again, so snorting would be the administration of choice. My friend L and I were watching requiem for a dream... and I thought to myself 'I canít watch a drug movie without being fucked up!í Now, L hadn't done ANY drugs, so I decided to scar her for life. I set an 80mg pill on top of my binder. She said 'T! Whatís that?' and I said 'oxy. Its great'. And I proceeded to chop up the entire pill into powder and snort the entire thing. The high came on like a shockwave and I was so in bliss I was incapacitated. We finished the movie, and she left. I was still high, but I decided to up it a little bit, so I snorted the 40mg pill. At that point I was so high that I felt like I never ever ever wanted to leave that feeling. It was indescribable. One has to experience it to understand.

I felt great, but I wanted to smoke, so I went outside and lay on my driveway. I donít know how many hours went by. It was in the middle of the night. I fell asleep in harmony. Then I woke up, still high, but it was waning. It was 545 AM. I decided that I had another pill, so what the hell. I told myself when buying I would save the other 80mg pill for later, but when you are coming down all rational thought is destroyed. So I snorted the last pill. Ahhh, the feeling of coming back to a high is the best feeling in the world. I took a blanket out of my car and wrapped myself up in it on the driveway, smoking cigarettes. They felt so good. I was in a total dream world at that point. Nothing mattered, I didnít think about anything, I wasn't doing anything, I was just laying. Itís not like ecstasy where you almost endure the high. Oxy makes me feel like I want that high forever, and I never, ever EVER want to leave that spot that is my new home. I felt so good. I fell asleep and then finally woke up with a burn hole in my shirt and a burn on my chest, I guess I fell asleep smoking and it fell on me. It didnít matter. I wouldnít care if my arm was chopped off, it was bliss.

Oxy is extremely addictive. Although it is extremely good I wouldnít recommend doing it. It is just one of those things where your better off being ignorant. You see cash in your wallet, and it doesnít matter if you have expenses coming up. You want that drug more than anything and you figure you'll find out how to pay the expense later- you just want to get high. I was planning on upgrading my car this summer. Plans ruined because I chose to use oxy. I was planning on buying a new computer. Plans ruined because I chose to use oxy. When you're sober you know itís a waste, but when you're high you would be willing to spend anything to get that high back. Be careful.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9826
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 25, 2002Views: 152,833
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