Kitchen Chemistry LSA Extraction
Morning Glory
by Anne R. Kissed
Citation:   Anne R. Kissed. "Kitchen Chemistry LSA Extraction: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp9747)". Jul 9, 2005.

40 mg oral Morning Glory (extract)



Extract goodies from morning glory seeds without any of the chemicals that cause nausea and other unpleasant body loads. The LSA FAQ describes one method, but I wanted a 'pure' kitchen chemistry approach. The solvents used in the LSA FAQ are not readily available, besides, I don't drink alcohol and would prefer not to use it as a carrier for my goodies.


1. 40 mg Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds

2. 91% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol

3. Water (I used distilled)

4. Filters (I used 'shop' cloth towel, real filter paper is probably better)

5. Goof Off (or other solvent)


1. Coffee grinder

2. Pyrex pie pan

3. Electric 'space' heater with fan

4. Funnel (I cut off the top of a one liter drinking water bottle)

5. Containers (I used some plastic containers: 1 2l, 1 500 ml, and
the bottom of the drinking water bottle)

6. Butter knife/scraper


The LSA FAQ explains that there are two 'bad' chemical sets in the MG seeds. One is water soluble, but not alcohol soluble, and the other is not water soluble. The method to my madness effectively leaves both of these behind.

1. (I didn't do this, but it's probably a good idea) Wash seeds in a strainer and allow them to dry. Get rid of any fungicides, pesticides, dirty or other undesirables.

2. Grind seeds to a fine powder in the coffee grinder.

3. Agitate the seeds with 400 ml of water. Agitate for five minutes. Let the sediment settle. Decant the liquid pour slowly through filter in funnel to larger container. I found that my paper towel filters clogged rapidly. I had to squeeze out the liquid (carefully, trying not to tear the filter), then substitute another filter several times for each 400 ml extraction.

4. Repeat step three a total of four times. You now should have about 1.2 or so liters of solution. The non-water soluble 'bad stuff' has been left behind. You could drink this cold water extraction, but there are plenty of reports of nausea from doing so. This may ferment if you keep it at room temperature, so refrigerate if you're not going to evaporate it immediately.

5. Pour the solution into the pie dish. If it won't all fit, pour some in, then keep adding more as the water evaporates. Put it somewhere it won't be disturbed. Set up the heater so that the fan blows across the solution. It took me about a week to evaporate the water (I did this at work so the cats wouldn't drink the stuff, and only ran the heater 8 hours each day) and get left with a gummy, yucky, tarry mess. The FAQ warns that the alkaloids will decompose with heat, so I chose not to boil off the water.

6. Use a scraper (butter knife first, then razor blade), to get the crud out. Place it in the container you used to extract from the seed powder. I used Goof-Off to clean the pie dish, and then washed it with soap and water.

7. Add 200 ml of isopropyl alcohol to the crud and agitate (for better wages, hours and conditions, for the repeal of drug laws, etc). Shake the container, too. Agitate some more. Let the stuff settle. Decant the liquid into the pie plate and turn the heater back on.

8. Repeat step seven many times (I did it several times each day for four days).

9. Filter the crud out (this will go much simpler than filtering the seed powder). Put the liquid into the pie plate to evaporate. Open the filter up and let the crud dry out. My crud was in some pretty big chunks, so I ran it through the coffee grinder. The alcohol seems to have removed a bunch of oils/fats so it ground quite nicely.

10. Put the powdered crud back in the container and repeat step seven several more times. Filter. You can now dispose of the crud.

11. Once the alcohol has evaporated, there will be some yellowish, gooey crud on your pie plate. Dissolve this in water. Keep this solution refrigerated (mold will grow in it at room temperature) until you're ready to shift mental states.

12. Drink the solution on an empty stomach to absorb the goodies faster.


While the solution won't win any taste prizes, it's not horrible. (Calibration: I don't mind the taste of San Pedro very much, either.) This was a little sweetish, but not pleasantly so. I suppose one could mix it with juice, but I just swigged it down, then had a glass of mint lemonade. I made the mistake of eating pizza (9:00 PM) about an our before I drank the liquid, which may have slowed absorption a bit. About 11:30, I was beginning to lose judgement and twist my words. Soon thereafter, I blasted into inner space for several hours. My best friend had gotten stoned at the same time as the LSAs were starting to hit. I indulged in the munchies when they hit my friend and experienced no nausea.

The LSA experience was intensely physical—-I felt very much 'in my body' and it was an ecstatic body to be in. I lost myself in a kiss that seemed infinite and endless. After the peak wore off I felt a little wired & twitchy, but was able to fall asleep (with the help of melatonin) around 5:00 AM.


The extraction worked. My universe got twisted, rearranged & spun in all directions. Meanwhile, I had a pleasant time with no body load. All the time spent evaporating liquids is a serious drawback, however. I will try an acid/base extraction in the future. I will use ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in the final phase, so that nothing will need to be evaporated, the final solution can simply be drunk as is.


Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9747
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 9, 2005Views: 60,673
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