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First Time, She Don't Lie
by poe-theed joe
Citation:   poe-theed joe. "First Time, She Don't Lie: An Experience with Cocaine (exp52189)". Sep 4, 2007.

3 lines insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


Last night (4/7/06), I tried cocaine for the first time. A few friends and I were out at a bar, when one of them suggested we 'get some blow, let's get some blow, let's get some blow, let's get some blow...' OK, alright already. Some calls were made, and we paid visit to a friend of a friend, hanging out at his place for the next several hours.

I snorted 3 lines of the stuff. It was a powerful sensation, not far off from certain aspects (e.g. body high) of ecstasy or mushrooms trips, but completely unobtrusive at the same time. I felt sober, but with more energy and more awareness of my environment. Of course, as indicated in many other reports, there was never a pause in conversation. For a group of 7 stoners who are usually very quiet, that's amazing. Politics, religion, relationships, art, information technology, and even some quantum mechanics. We all opened up to each other in ways that were always simply ignored, and I believe that this one experience will have a lasting positive effect on our friendships. The experience went on for about 3 hours, and we each snorted a line about once per hour, maintaining a steady high throughout.

Around 4 AM, we all finally headed off to our respective homes. I made it home by 4:30 and attempted to surf the web before crashing, but all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn't feel groggy, and I didn't have a headache or anything like that. I felt very hungry and extremely lethargic. I sunk into my bed. I had the most mind-blowing dreams ever. I still remember them, and I'm still bewildered by them.

I awoke around 8:30 AM feeling like someone was running a vacuum inside my soul, sucking the life out of me. Water. Back to normal in 5 minutes. Sleep. Wake up at 11:30 AM, same thing. Water, food. Now it's nearly 1:00 PM, and I've felt perfectly sober and healthy since eating. I am impressed with cocaine. The hangover was less painful than what happens after a bottle of scotch. I have no strong urge to try it again in the near future, but I certainly would use it again if it were readily available.

Now, before you take this report as a go-ahead to throw caution to the wind and try cocaine for yourself, I should note that I'm not certain that the drug affects me as acutely as it affects others. I have been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in the past, and although it has been recommended that I take prescription medication, I have opted not to. From what I understand of the available medications, they are similar to or derived from methamphetamines or other sympathomimetics (under which cocaine would fall). It is possible that cocaine actually imposed a sobering effect on my normally hypersensitive and unfocused mind, allowing me to relax and focus on the present moment with greater lucidity. It may be for this reason that I don't feel so utterly compelled to snort more coke right away.

And maybe - like most (not all!) drugs I've encountered personally - when there's a problem of abuse, it's not the drug itself that's at fault, it's the user. If they don't get addicted to an illegal drug, they'll be addicted to something else. I'd like to understand the justification for scheduling drugs like cocaine and marijuana. It seems to me that such substance control provides only a temporary and inadequate solution to the social problems that may arise from drug abuse. Effective education and parenting are the only real solutions, and most drugs can be enjoyed in a healthy and harmless manner. Here's to hoping that common sense finds its way back into American law.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52189
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 4, 2007Views: 25,342
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Cocaine (13) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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