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The Sandman In The Land Of Nod
by Sandman
Citation:   Sandman. "The Sandman In The Land Of Nod: An Experience with Oxycodone (ID 11779)". Sep 13, 2002.

40 mg oral Pharms - Oxycodone (pill / tablet)


Amount: 40mg oxycodone (Eight Roxicets, 5mg oxycodone each) ingested oraly on an empty stomach.

DOSE T+ 0:00
Weight: 120lbs

Four 5mg Ritalin pills were taken earlier in the day @12:00. I also took Adderall (amphetamine) and Ritalin (methylphenidat) the last 2 days.

Date: Thursday, January 10th, 2002

T+ 0:00 Dose taken
T+ 0:10 Starting to feel the onset of it - just sitting here typing this.

T+ 0:14 sitting here typing this. ahhhhhhhhh the rush is coming on I feel slightly in control, calm, peaceful. But since I have done this before I know it gets more intense.

T+ 0:16 Im going to go sing along to music and play pool now as it is a great activity to do on opiates. Feeling drowsy.

T+ 0:20 Balance off, it feels wierd to walk, something is up with my eyesight but I can't quite put my finger on it, blurry would be the closest word I can think of, but it's weirder than that.

T+ 0:23 Nose & face a bit itchy.

T+ 0:25 I notice that my hands are shaky as I'm loading CD's into the CD player.

T+ 0:26 Going to the bathroom, pupils are smaller than normal.

T+ 0:30 I notice my motor skills and coordination are off as I finish loading up the CD player and select the the track I want to hear.

T+ 0:31 Listening to Kid Rock's Devil Without A Cause. I'm feeling pretty drowsy :) and more itchy :(

T+ 0:33 Mouth a bit dry, So I drink a Pepsi.

T+ 0:35 playing pool with myself, just shooting around practicing shots. My aim seems to be better on oxycodone despite my semi-shaky hands and loss of coordination. I'm not sure why this is.

T+ 0:37 Feeling kind of nausea, but I'm not worried about throwing up.

T+ 0:40 Shooting great pool, I'm making several shots in a row. I'm so happy right now, I would like to be like this all day.

T+ 0:45 I'm begining to notice that I'm having slight audio hallucinations, like hearing small noises that aren't there.Also some slight visual hallucinations, thinking I see something move nearby but nothing alive is even close to me.

T+ 0:53 Very sleepy, starting to shoot worse, feely a bit ansy and jittery. Possibly from that damn Pepsi I drank.

T+ 0:57 Quickly finished up my game of pool after getting irritated from missing some easy shots.

T+ 0:58 Gunna put go play some slower songs. I'm nodding now. 'Only God Knows Why' is playing right now.

T+ 1:00 Wish my girl friend was over right now so I could cuddle with her by the fireplace as I nod off in her arms. Yes oxycodone turns me into a pussy :-P

T+ 1:05 Sitting by the Fireplace nodding and writting this. I almost fell into a deep sleep, good thing I was able to wake myself up otherwise my parents could have found me passed out on the couch a few hours later. :-P

T+ 1:07 Pupils are small but I have seen them smaller on previous doses.

T+ 1:10 I'm feeling slightly paranoid with the small audio/visual hallucinations. Occasionaly I get paranoid about ghosts while on this stuff. Again this isn't the first time having paranoia or thinking about spirits while on a opoid/opiate.

T+ 1:15 Nose very itchy, I'll have to put some Benadril anti-itch on my face in a little bit.

T+ 1:25 Uneasy and restless for some reason, though I suppose I could fall asleep if I realy wanted to.

T+ 1:35 I got hungry so I started to snack on some Original Flavored potato chips.

T+ 1:40 I'm not realy feeling the 'warm fuzzy feeling' anymore. This trip isn't feeling like the typical high I get, usualy I peak and feel the best 1 hour after taking it (45 minutes after I feel it kick in). I think that taking Adderall (speed) and Ritalin (speed) for 3 days in a row including today might have something to do with it. Possibly because my body might be low on dopamine with all the speed lately.

T+ 2:15 Went back up to my room, now I'm going to take a nap :) while I listen to a mixed CD that has a lot of soft rock and songs that aren't loud. I actualy named the CD 'The Land Of Nod'. I made this CD for the purpose of listening to while I nod off, so that I don't get distracted/paranoid about little noises in the house. I usualy am asleep for about 30 minutes or so but you can never tell for sure, I've been out for as long as 3 hours. :)

T+ 2:47 I didn't sleep as well as I would have thought or liked to have. I kept on falling asleep for about 2 minutes and then I would wake up again feeling kind of nervous and a bit agitated. Plus I'm still feeling a little nausiated. So I finaly decided to quite tying to fall asleep and finish this up.

Opiods and Opiates are definatly my favorite drugs to do, though I would have liked the high to have been for 'full and wholesum' like it usually is, I still had fun. That first onset rush in the begining where time seems to stand still while there is a defening roar in your head makes it all worth while. If it would have gone the way I had wanted it to, I would have felt the way I did when it first hit me the whole 45 minutes till the peak. Well I hope that you enjoyed reading my trip report, and hopefully you even learned something. Just be careful with this stuff. I'm not trying to be all holy and stuff, but I have been addicted to this stuff and I still kind of am. Sometimes I wish I hadn't even done it once, but most of the time I have no regrets about doing it. Anyway try to not to trip every day that's how I got addicted.


Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 11779
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 13, 2002Views: 52,396
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