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Insanely Having Fun Whilst Overdosing
by yuann
Citation:   yuann. "Insanely Having Fun Whilst Overdosing: An Experience with 2C-P (exp99975)". Jun 25, 2013.

20 mg oral 2C-P


Set and setting: friends turning 18, have a bottle of 2cp (500mg in 100ml of water) I aquried from a very awesome source >_> :D, wet weather not raining just damp awesome friends good music and there was cake and unlimted ciggerettes :)

7:00pm > got to party, expecting to just get drunk sell some 2cp and have a good night

7:30pm > start drinking vodka getting a bit drunk start asking people if they wanna buy some. Everyone wants some (itsept for 3 or 4 out of like 20 people)
Start selling and from memory, less then half of one bottle cap was enough for one dose (on the standard water bottle caps whatever) its dark and I'm drunk so I'm filling these bottle caps to the brim (later measured was around 20mg oops )2 friends bought 2 caps, now I wasn't filling these all the way to the brim just most of them haha, they down em.

8pm > thought what the hell, whats the harm in doing a little bit of this stuff, took a bottle cap to the brim, tasted like salty pickles and crushed panadol tablets. Yuck

9pm > first people who took it before me start vomiting and starting claiming feelings of sickness, oops

9:05pm > they say they feel way better and they look like there having an amazing time, cant wait until it effects me! Always wanted to try it :)

10pm > start walking around looking at trees, branchs and leafs combineing with each other, lay down with friend who is on it also and just stare into the sky of stars, beautiful.

10:30pm > start vomiting every where for about 5 minutes, thought it was funny, thought I drank too much vodka, walk and sit down feeling sick, ask friend if I can lay in her room and just stare at the celling, she says aight. Laying in her bed things start getting extremly intense, all visual perspective wraped around its self as my spiral hullucinations where hullucinating. Brain started hearing strange 'frequencys' like it was trying to connect to dial up internet or something.

10:30pm > 11pm > feels good man
Friends come in ask if I'm kk, tell em I'm fucking fantastic as there bodys melt into one another, all hug on bed out side starts getting loud as everyone is tripping so fucking hard.

>go outside
Friend who had 2 caps is complety missing and there are now people at the party who just seemed to appear there (I didnt notice them come at all haha)

11 30pm > ride is here, wow what timeing, the peak is at full blast as every step is just another step between dimensions of sound
Extreme visual and audio hallucinations
Thank god I'm staying at friends house
Friends dad picks us up we drive home,

Now this is were things get heaps blurry , on the car trip home, it kinda felt like we werent moving at all but at the same time we were going way to fast, and I was seeing lights, and apparntly I was looking out the window chewing my jaw so loud saying 'wow that music looks good' (do not remember this at all)

12am > am home drinking some water and laying in bed
The feels are so good
Still tripping so hard, seeing colours and trails , not much audio hallucinations, watched a movie

1am > friends call from party, 1 person is missing, 2 people mysterously teleported home in a suburb 30 minutes ago and got home before us (??????) , 2 friends had to go to hospital (not because they were overdosing), but because they thought it would be heaps cool to trip in a hospital and steal blankets, (which they did, told me they legit believed they were gonna trip forever)
Everyone else pretty much got home safe. Lol

1:30am > movie is over, they wanna turn the lights off
Kinda not cool about this, but I just go with the flow
Friends is awesome and lets me stare at the tv for hours,

4am > over the tv, drank like 10 thousands cups of water and multi vitamin jucie ( THE FEEEELS )

8am > friend wake up, didn't get a single bit of sleep, thought I was spider for a bit and then sort of morphed into a king with plush clothes on, feels good man

9am > starts wearing off still seeing trails and warps, cant look at myself in the mirror too much insane shit happening right now

10am > bought 50 dollars worth of dominoes and ate that mother fucking shit with friend, realise I'm missing my glasses, phone, the bottle of the stuff and my socks.

1pm (next day) > get home and take the best poo I have ever had in my entire life


All in all it was one of the most unique and overwhelming drug I have ever taking, sort of feels 'dirty' and 'chemically' compared to lsd, lsd makes me feel comfy this stuff sort of makes me cramped and stuff and hurt my lower back the next day :(
Half the night was a drunken / MEGA high blur,
I saw colours you can only hear.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99975
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jun 25, 2013Views: 1,246
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2C-P (305) : Overdose (29), General (1), Large Group (10+) (19)

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