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I Think I'm Having a Heart Attack
25I-NBOMe & Cannabis
by Ms.Trip
Citation:   Ms.Trip. "I Think I'm Having a Heart Attack: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis (exp99922)". Apr 16, 2016.

T+ 0:00
2 hits buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:45   smoked Cannabis  


It was Saturday night and I was going to my friend's house (S) along with my other friend (P) to trip and smoke. All 3 of us have experienced with psychedelics such as MDMA, shrooms, marijuana, LSD, 2C-E, DXM, and e-bombs, S has done DMT. We were going to camp in her back yard while P was going to take molly, S was going to take 1 tab of 25-I and I was going to take 2 tabs of 25-I. At 12:30 my friends took their drugs and decided they wanted to go inside. I was frustrated and wanted to calm down before taking mine so I waited until 2:30 to take my tabs.

2:30- I put the 2 tabs in between my top lip and gums and left it there. After about 20 minutes I moved it to under my tongue and left it there for about 10 minutes before putting it back because of the horrible chemical taste. We all then went out to smoke a cig when I was done I swallowed them.

3:15- the effects began to kick in. I felt very euphoric and hyperactive, I couldnít stop moving. I'd tap my foot, when I wasnít tapping my foot it was my finger, when it wasnít my finger I was sliding around in my socks on her floor. I then told P and S that I was starting to feel it so we should smoke because I heard that 25-I makes you nauseous and smoking helps. So we went outside and hotboxed our tent then returned inside.

3:45- the effects definitely were kicking in now everything I touched felt amazing it was like being on MDMA x10 everything was so soft and it felt like an entire body orgasm. I was rolling around in piles of blankets putting them on my head and just trying to feel everything.

4:00- P and S were drawing so I decided I would too. I didnít no what to draw so I ended up scribbling because the way the pencil glided over the paper felt so good. S asked me what I was drawing and I told her nothing it's just fun to scribble. Then I began to think that I shouldnít be drawing and that my friends thought I was acting weird so I tossed my paper and pencil and layed on the couch to watch trippy cartoons.

4:30- my visuals became very intense near her celling light I saw transparent snowflakes every where, blotches of colors moving around every where I looked, things were breathing, swaying, moving, closed eye visuals were cool, and I had amazing trails

4:45- by now I realized that I was tripping harder than I have on anything else
4:45- by now I realized that I was tripping harder than I have on anything else
which was odd because all my friends had taken 2tabs of 25-I the other day and they said it was nice they had a clear mind and it was overall enjoyable. While I felt very confused and antsy. This scared me because I knew the trip shouldnít have been that intense I brought it up and they told me I was fine. Then I started to breathe very heavily because I felt if I didnít exaggerate my breaths I would stop breathing. I contemplated going to sleep and decided to go against it because I figured I would stop breathing and no one would notice. P asked if I was ok and I said no I'm tripping way to hard and I donít like it.

They tried to calm me down and it didnít work. I figured if I drank milk it might help. I went upstairs grabbed a glass and while I was drinking it it spilled it all down my face.

5:05 - I began to shake and hyperventilate and the milk did nothing. We then called our friend to see if he had any benzos to help kill the high and he didnít answer. I tried to make my self throw up but nothing would come out. Every time I layed down I felt like my chest was compressing. S asked me if my heart was beating fast I said yes and then She felt it and ran to get aspirin. At this point I didnít really know what was going on but I didnít like it. She handed me 3 pills and told told me to chew 2 of them she also made me tea. They then made me take off my bra so it wouldnít restrict my chest and helped me up the steps to her room. I was very disoriented and confused still tripping balls but now with kaleidoscope effects. Time went by extremely slow.

5:15- I told P to put on Sublime and they kept talking to me so I would calm down I was pale and kept getting hot cold flashes the entire night. I looked at P and her curly hair was made of geometric shapes and she had about 6 eyes. I kept drinking tea and water and made P come to the bathroom with me because I couldnít get down the steps by myself and was afraid to be alone.

6:00- by now my peak was over and my heart stopped beating so fast and the trip became more enjoyable. Then S told me that she thought I was in the process of getting a heart attack but didnít want to tell me while I was still tripping hard because she was afraid she would scare me. While I was laying in her bed her closet looked like a portal to another dimension. We sat and talked until 7:30

7:30- my visuals would come and go and my chest hurt very bad. We decided to go to the park while I was still tripping a bit and everything looked HD. For the rest of the day my chest hurt and later in the day when I smoked I felt like I was tripping again.
For the rest of the day my chest hurt and later in the day when I smoked I felt like I was tripping again.

While I was on it I felt like I was ODing and almost had a heart attack. If you do decide to try it be sure to have a benzo and experienced people you trust around in case things head south. Visuals on this are amazing but not worth the chance. It can last anywhere from 6-8 hrs. 25-I ruined psychedelics for me so while doing it be safe.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99922
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Apr 16, 2016Views: 1,951
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Combinations (3), Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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