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Two Great Experiences in One Handy Substance
2C-B & Alcohol - Beer and Hard
by Afterthegoldrush
Citation:   Afterthegoldrush. "Two Great Experiences in One Handy Substance: An Experience with 2C-B & Alcohol - Beer and Hard (exp99771)". Mar 6, 2019.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 4:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


Here's a summary of the 2CB experience overall:

Good: Everything. It's two drugs in one, a long-lasting mood lifting drug which makes me laugh and chat and enjoy everything that little bit more and also a 2-3h trip of really cool kaleidoscopic visuals and beautiful colours. I could eat and sleep easily and there was absolutely no comedown either!

Bad: I had a really hot and red face for the first few hours and at one point I felt like my jacket was really annoying my neck but it was too cold to take it off. I had severe head pain (like 7/10) which came in waves but I was laughing so much I could deal with it. I also felt gassy and bloated (E and S threw up too.)

T+0 The five guys took the 20mg bomb. It was wrapped in a Rizla and didn't taste of anything. We have a joint of hash to ease it in.

T+1h R comes up and has to lie down, he describes the feeling as very intense but does not elaborate. We all begin to laugh a lot more about ordinarily mundane things.

T+1.5h We all start getting really restless sat in the house so we go to the pub. I start feeling a very nondescript feeling of 'unusualness' but it is very pleasant. Nobody can stop laughing!

T+2h I start to see glowing on the ceiling and things look more colourful and 'beautiful' than before.

T+2.5h I am well and truly gone. Patterns and fractal-like structures of colour are formed by ordinary scenery and the room vibrates. At one point for about 30s my vision was restricted, things in the distance were completely draped in a carpet of psychedelia and things in the foreground had a silvery green aura.

T+4h The visuals die down but I still feel great. I kind of miss them already. We go back to the house and have a joint, some brandy and pick up some beers.

T+5h We eat in a kebab shop and I am so clear of thought I can read the newspaper stories are funnier than usual.

T+5.5h We arrive in the house party and I am very chatty, fun and happy. I eat loads of food and drink more beers, I have probably had around 15-20 UK units of alcohol when I arrive.

T+9 We return to the house and I have three lines of ketamine over the next two hours or so. Probably about 100mg but I am not 100% sure. Very surprisingly I don't feel like it has done that much to me.

T+12h I easily drift off to sleep with some beautiful Nick Drake in the background.

Just a bit of a background, I am an average sized male with little experience with mind-bending drugs. I have taken MDMA, nitrous oxide and cannabis countless times, ketamine about 10 times and psylocybin mushrooms twice but I almost invariably have a good reaction to all drugs. (I have also had many experiences with coke, speed, mephedrone, tramadol, dihydrocodeine and valium).

I decided to do 2CB after hearing so many good reviews from friends so I bought 120mg and weighed it out carefully into 6 bombs of 20mg. Initially there were five males all of average size (me, R, C, S and M) and about 2h after dropping it we were joined by quite a small female (called E) who also took 20mg. We were all on very empty stomachs due to waiting around for ages for someone to turn up.

We took it about 5pm and just lazed around the room smoking some decent hash and drinking some beers until the come up. It was +1h until anybody came up, my friend R was the first and as he usually does with MDMA he was overpowered and had to lie down in a bedroom for fifteen minutes or so. I was next to come up, the first thing I noticed was that all of a sudden everything was hilarious. The five of us were laughing our arses off at the silliest of shit and at +1.5h I had such itchy feet that we decided to stroll down to the nearby pub.

This pub is a bit weird at the best of times (we got there at about 7pm and there was a smoke machine on, people in pirate hats, a recording booth in the corner filled with people singing or rapping and some odd trance music on in the background) so there was plenty of stimulation. This man who looked like he should be in buena Vista Social Club was carting around these enormous white fake trees into the smoking area and the cycling was on the TV which gave us endless laughs. We sat down in some comfortable sofas and got a drink and that's when I reached the peak.

When hearing other people's accounts of 2CB I always imagined it to be much more like my experiences with MDMA than with mushrooms; that is a bit trippy but really rushy and euphoric too. Well with my trip it was definitely not the case! Like mushrooms I just couldn't stop laughing and felt really silly. I was in a really good place, by this point I had been laughing non-stop for over 2h, so much so that my head was staring to really hurt every few minutes or so then it would go away. All my joints and muscles felt tingly but in a much less intense way than a big MDMA come-up. I felt very 'unusual' but in a good way. I was seeing everything in a hilarious perspective and by +2.5 I was tripping balls.

The pub was a big faux-tudor building with wooden beams and some odd coloured lights draped between the beams in a manner that resembled (in my head) a web of interconnected neurons. Each was a different colour and they were shooting little balls (or chemical signals in my mind) to each other and it was beautiful. The structure of the walls was also beautiful (and I know it not to be in sobriety!) and when I waved my hand a blurry trail followed it slowly behind. The room was slightly reverberating in a way not unlike laughing gas and everything had a silvery-green outline and the light in the room was pulsating. The girl (E) had arrived by now and her curly hair looked awesome, each ringlet had a greeny-bluey aura surrounding it and the wooden boards on the ceiling looked like the scales of a fish due to the silvery green colouring. This feeling would come and go, interspersed with bouts of laughter and zaps of head pain for about an hour maybe an hour and a half. Eventually we finished our drinks and started to walk home, I felt like I really needed paracetamol for my head pains. Going back home was so odd, the house I know so well seemed so small and me so big in comparison. I was experiencing quite bad gastrointestinal upset (gas, bloating etc.) so I decided to go for a shit it was the weirdest shit of my life! The pattern on the floor was glowing and these fractal-like patterns were growing and receding in the centre of each tile. The room was humming and I couldn't stop laughing, even just to myself sat on the bog.

We then sat down in the lounge and had a joint for about half an hour but we couldn't handle the big light so we were using a lamp and with this it was a proper crack-den atmosphere so we decided to head to a nearby house party. This must have been +5.5h by now and the trippyness had almost completely gone so much so that I found myself reading a newspaper in a kebab shop en route and thinking that if I was away with the fairies THAT much as I was just 90 mins ago on any other drug, i'd be coming down or feeling groggy or at least a bit spacey still, but I was completely sober! Except a residual feeling of well-being and increased propensity to laugh that even seemed to last until I went to sleep about 5am I was thinking in such a lucid, crystal clear way despite the fair bit of booze and hash I'd had too.

We arrived at the house party and it was so tame, there were about 15 people, mainly girls, all drinking in one room with chart music on. I was still feeling pretty good and pretty pissed by now too, having had a bit of brandy and about 8 cans of beer. The thing I noticed about the 'afterglow' was that, like MDMA, I had no awkwardness whatsoever during social interactions with people I didn't know very well. It was also the opposite to MDMA at the same time I felt so silly! I was cracking jokes and being really light hearted and generally a lot more 'cool' than if I was off my tits on MDMA which tends to make me VERY SERIOUS INDEED.

At about 2 or 3am we went home to play some music and have some ketamine. I am not massively into K, I do enjoy it but not as much as some people and I am cautious about my dosage. R had gone to bed so me C, E and M decided to have a bit of ket. I had quite a big line because I was pretty drunk, expecting it to hit me hard, bit it never did. Me and M ended up having 2 more before M passed out and I just got too tired. Eventually C and E went to bed so I drifted off to sleep, not feeling that ketty at all. I can't tell if it was the wall of booze or the residual effects of the 2CB but the K didn't really touch me and by rights it definitely should have! I have taken that much before and been in much worse places.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99771
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Mar 6, 2019Views: 235
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Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199), Alcohol - Hard (198), 2C-B (52) : General (1), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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