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Not What I Was Expecting
by Spankmaster
Citation:   Spankmaster . "Not What I Was Expecting: An Experience with 2C-P (exp99720)". Jul 9, 2013.

8 mg oral 2C-P


Ugh. Well I donít even know how to start this off. Iím new to psychedelics and Iíve only done 3 other drugs id consider psychedelics before. Iíve experienced the pleasurable rush of 5-meo-dmt and an extremely giggly trip off of 2ce. Iíve done mdma as well but none of these were quite as intense as 2c-p.

It was Friday March 7 when I did this and I was coming back to my sisters place after a movie with my friend k , to trip with some other friends that night. This had been planned a week in advance.

10:00pm Ė I take the pill of 8mg of 2cp. I was hanging with my friends and debating on going to a walk downtown. After my friend C got off work basic sitting around chatting and smoking weed not much exciting to tell.

10:45-11:00pm - my friend D offered me a hit of mdma. It was my first time for mdma as well. I honestly donít like mdma that much donít see all the hype. It was cool though music sounder intense and sight was crisp and colors brighter and I felt genuine closeness to all my friends. I felt like a really good high.

11:00-11:30pm - I think at this point the molly wore off and I was starting to trip. My friend C was supposed to come home from work soon and I had started to notice extreme vividness of everything. Slight trails were coming off my friends hands and lights looked so cool and at this point C had come home from work and we wanted to see downtown to see more lights so my sister and her boyfriend and I walked for a bit downtown. J my sisters boyfriend had done some lsd and his trip was already set in so was my sisters. She was tripping on some 4-aco-dmt . We were walking towards the square and all the lights and traffic seemed to make the city look alive and moving as part of one big moving being. A machine city or something. And we looked down one street and the street and street lights seemed to go on forever it was beautiful. When we got there to the actual square there wasnít a person insight really it was eerie so we decided to go back.

11:30-11:45 pm - I was on cloud nine the trip was definitely setting in. Slight looped thinking and definite signs of visuals patterns were slightly oozing in a wave motion nothing much. It was time for another walk this time with 4 friends to another location. We were heading in the direction of the local school. It was so chilly outside and for some reason we kept getting in this like half running half speed walking loop. I kept saying guys, were fucking running, mellow out. For some reason we were panic walking. We Finally got to a church and we stopped for a moment and the two badasses of the group got on the roof of the church. I was laughing my fucking balls off. They got down and we speed walked/ran our way back home in a weird way.

11:50-12:00am - few of the original party was there. Just the trippers of the group left. We were at home base enjoying our trips at this point. I noticed this was just a melty kind of trip. All the visuals were melty and cool and my friend Blake has this fucked up pop corn ceiling that could keep you staring at its peaks and valleys for hours even while sober. Me and J stared for quite a while. This was a cool trip.

12:00am 2:00 am - in the living room, causual talking as I was losing my mind I was starting to feel crazy but a funny kind of crazy and the hallucinations increased. I was jokingly talking about skinning my sisters cat as everyone nervously laughed with me. My friend Ric offered me a cigarrette but handed me some pear. It sent my thoughts spiraling.

2:00am-3:00am - the visuals were intense and awesome intense trails and serious high definition vision especially while staring at a ciggarrette. At one point while looking at my friend Ric's face it looked like the light from a camp fire was flickering over his and my other friends bodies. I kept thinking about all these philosophical ideas and truths about how good and bad are really just the same thing and how everything in the universe is connected. Just a person in a universe with in a universe within a universe.

3:00am -4:00am - I was thinking so hard and deeply about everything and I was a little uncomfortable about the whole looped thinking concept. I was thinking about everything with so much intensity.

The trip continued until about 1:30 that day. It was the an extremely life changing trip. I feel changed or moved by its beauty and intensity and one of my favorite things about it was sitting in the sun after the night of the trip.

If you have any thoughts of doing it just take in the consideration of how important it is to chose how comfortable the setting is. If there is any uncomfortability or any shit donít do it. This is meant for only the best conditions I couldnít imagine what this could be like on a bad trip.

I noticed after the trip while still awake I drank orange juice and the visuals came back for a bit. After smoking weed there were slight visuals for only like 3 days but other wise I feel completely normal.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99720
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jul 9, 2013Views: 4,546
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2C-P (305) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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