Biophysical Alcohol Relapse Prevention
Citation:   Splungeman Stoge. "Biophysical Alcohol Relapse Prevention: An Experience with Ibogaine (exp99692)". Jan 2, 2016.

267 mg   Ibogaine
  510 mg   Ibogaine
As a 54yr old chemist who has been unemployed and suffering from PTSD due to divorce, lawsuits etc. & alcoholism (Basically arrested via AA, w. only two relapses over 8yrs in the program), I began to research Ibogaine (on the internet) into its purported spiritual & psychological attitude reset potential two years ago.

I came across the necessary funds ~7K to visit a facility on the SW Mexican coast staffed by mostly US & or Canadian personnel who value the Bwiti-setting traditions in Ibogaine administration as well as EKG / & BP-pulse monitoring throughout the ~32-36 hr experience.

I felt totally safe with regards to set & setting on both the test dose & flood-dose experiences. 1st 4-5hrs: Intense & very *animated & highly colored rainbow visuals *with respect to the tempo of the Bwiti & other music (Enigma/Enya/Newage-type)utilized. Next 12-18 hours: Inner voyage (with eyes closed; looked like a flat-screen movie) examining life experiences and choices from a neutral perspective while on a trip down a river (in Africa?) where I was greeted and contacted by Pygmies? involved in either hunting or dancing in lively ceremonies. I felt invited either to join them or just watch.

(Being absolutely still is a great mandate so as to avoid nausea during the trip and is quite easy to do since the drug induces profound ataxia, but the staff gave the thee clients treated 20mg of metaclopramide prior to Ibogaine admin. as well).

By the end of 12 hours, I was able to become fairly mobile, although my vision was still producing tracers of scanned objects and I was still a bit dizzy. At this time, I began to feel emotions I had been repressing for at least a decade or more.
I cried & laughed with intense feeling while viewing a National-Geographic-type movie 'Baraka' that has no dialogue, only a very peaceful soundtrack and examines the 7 wonders of the earth & all types of life that exists on it.

I noted that the 'anger' monkey that was always trying to get me to relapse on the bottle has been removed from my thought processes. I am finally able to live & let live and only wish to be a healer or helper in the final years of my life. Western materialism has ceased to be the sole motivating factor in my life and the very idea of utilizing alcohol has become out of the question.

What an amazing substance!. Two weeks later, I feel exactly the same blessings and have gained a new enthusiasm for life from a completely different perspective.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99692
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 54
Published: Jan 2, 2016Views: 3,191
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