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Near Death
H.B. Woodrose & Coffee
by TheFeeling
Citation:   TheFeeling. "Near Death: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Coffee (exp99618)". Jun 16, 2020.

1 cup oral Coffee  
  11 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (extract)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


Although I have used these seeds before, I have never had a worse experience with them than this time. Some parts were euphoric, but for the majority of it I believed that I was going to die.

At around eleven o'clock at night I took eleven seeds which I had prepared by scraping the fur off the seeds, grinding them in a pepper grinder, and then putting them in water for around twelve hours. There were a few things I did differently this time, namely I had a coffee before I took them, I took one more than usual, and I soaked them for longer than usual, which may have had an effect on what happened.

For the first hour it was the usual lying in bed feeling like I couldn't move, watching videos on Youtube, feeling like I was euphorically happy. It had kicked in quicker than usual and I was virtually immobile for thirty minutes. When I looked in the mirror I could see that my pupils had become absolutely massive and I wandered around laughing about that for a while once I managed to stand up from my bed. Then the cigarette cravings got too much and I had to wonder outside to have a cigarette.

This is when things began to get bad, I smoked a cigarette and felt fine, looked around at the dark sky, and felt pretty happy. Then a friend of mine came out and I lit another one, they had realised I was off my face and seemed quite worried and I became extraordinarily paranoid about this. Suddenly I felt as if I were going to throw up, and had to run upstairs without finishing the cigarette.

I threw up in the loo without having to make myself about three times and I can't particularly remember much for about an hour, aside from the fact that I lay on the floor of the bathroom freaking out. Every once in a while I would get this rushing feeling in my head and a very harsh ringing sound which I could stop by sitting up. Once I could finally stop freaking out, I washed my hands, and marvelled at the water's feeling, but I was still scared that I was going to die. On that bathroom floor I honestly thought that I was dying, my heart was beating a million miles an hour and the ringing in my head freaked me out. One thing I notice looking back is that my sense of perception was completely warped and although the bathroom was tiny I felt like I was laying in a massive room.

Once I got back to my bedroom I found that I had a lot of energy, and I managed to draw a picture, leave a message to myself on my mobile, and write an entry in my diary. The picture itself was the typical crap that someone off their face would draw, all swervy lines and weird eyes and when I look at it seems to reflect how scared I was at that point. I then remember briefly listening to some music but my legs became restless and I begun to hallucinate more so than I already was, while usually lines become a bit weird, this time I begun to see shapes shift and things move. This was probably around three o'clock.

I became more scared after listening to Pink Floyd and so at around three thirty I tried to get to sleep. But there was no way I was getting to sleep, firstly my legs were so restless and I had to keep on moving them, I was getting cigarette cravings that were physically painful, and when I closed my eyes I was seeing microwave ovens going on journeys. I basically couldn't move and I didn't get to sleep for a long time.

The next day I couldn't focus, and the lines on a page kept on moving around and the restless legs continued until the evening. Although I have had great experiences on these seeds, I found that this time I thought that I was dying. It might have been the coffee, or that I skipped over the preparation too much, but whilst I felt enlightened and mildly euphoric I was also very scared and unable to do much more than lay down. Next time I would probably take no more than ten seeds and try to get to sleep before the restless legs set in.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99618
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jun 16, 2020Views: 415
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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