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Same dose, Different reaction
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
by dood
Citation:   dood. "Same dose, Different reaction: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp9959)". Aug 7, 2004.

10 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)


Both of us were first time users. The night before (thursday), we grinded (coffee bean grinder) 2 doses of 10 grams each and put the doses in sealed containers in the fridge. The seeds were organic seeds and not treated with any poisons. T weighs 175lbs and I weigh 160. Neither of us take any medication nor use other drugs except cannabis and sometimes mescaline (san pedro). 1 month prior, T dropped a half hit of acid for the first time. On this occasion, we only took the seeds. We wanted to understand the full effect of the seeds with out any external interference.

The next day (friday) at 1pm we took our doses with milk. Prior to this, we ate a full lunch.

11am-12pm--lunch: ham,cheese and veg omelette, strawberry pancakes, hashbrowns, orange juice

1pm--we took all 10 grams. T took his with milk. I took mine with strawberry julius.

1:30pm--both noted that our stomachs felt heavy with slight flushing in the face. We layed down on the floor to ease the growing stomach pain.

2pm--stomach pains increased; the discomfort is tolerable. T's body feels extremely tired/weak. We feel extremely lazy. We feel a desire to vomit--this is also tolerable. T feels sick.

3pm--stomach discomfort continues. T notices that the effects might be starting. I do not.

4pm--janis joplin sounds great. I feel slightly stoned. T feels more. We report nothing hallucinogenic.

5pm--we walk our ladies and my 18 month old to the nature park. T's stomach pain has subsided, while mine increases. Conversation is excellent. T comments that the effect is equal to acid. He is definitely feeling the effects more than I am. I find it slightly comparable to mescaline--by color enhancement. I experience a small visual effect as I near a tree that has two red dots floating some 3 feet in front of the tree--as I near, I realize they are 2 red thumb tacks pushed all the way in the bark. However, I don'T consider this hallucinogenic. I have desire to vomit, but this is tolerable.

5:30pm--everything is beautiful: the river, the salmon, the individual rocks in the concrete, my daughter. I especially note the beauty of the dew on a wide blade of grass. A feeling that I am in communion with nature dominates. T appears to be feeling more than I am. He says this is exactly like acid. I doubt that I am feeling the full effect of the drug--seeds or no seeds this place is beautiful--the red tacks in the tree could have fooled me even if I wasn'T stoned. On the other hand, T has no doubt that he is completely stoned. I believe I am slightly stoned. My stomach pains increase to nearly unbearable. T's stomach is okay.

6pm--walking home I can't continue. My stomach hurts terribly and I have a strong desire to vomit. I am laying down in the grass to ease the pain. I feel very little effect from the seeds. T is having a great time. I manage to get up in order to arrive at the pet shop to play with the puppies. My daughter loves the pet shop.

7pm-7:30pm--we leave the pet shop because my stomach pains are unbearable. T continues with a great trip. The desire to vomit is too much and in an embarrassing scene, I vomit everything. Perhaps more than 2 liters of lunch, seeds and liquids. After cleaning myself up (blessed baby wipes), I feel nearly 100% better. I did notice that all my lunch from 11am and all the seed particles were in the vomit.

11pm--T continues to have a wonderful trip. He comments that he could do this again. His visual perception and time perception were altered. He doesn'T consider any part of his trip to be hallucinogenic, however he is highly stoned. Furthermore, he comments that time was completely different--time was extended. Not that the day seemed like a year but that time was passing in a different dimension. At any time, he could return to 'reality' from that far altered dimension/universe and participate in a conversation. Memory was more than perfect. I, on the other hand, will not do this again.

Next morning--I slept great with vivid dreams as did T. T continued to feel the effects to some degree.

In conclusion, I believe that my body completely rejected the seeds. My stomach refused to digest anything post-seed consumption, thus explaining why all of my lunch came up with the vomit some 8 hrs after eating. I read that some believe that morning glory seeds are sprayed with a poison by the seed vendor to deter consumption. I believe this to be false. Some bodies can handle the toxins in the seeds while others cannot. I generally do not have a weak stomach. I've drunk the local water and eaten the local foods of 7 south american countries during two and half years--including poor countries like Bolivia and Ecuador. Why T could digest the seeds while I couldn't. I do not understand.

Finally, I repent for having eaten these seeds. T would do them again.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9959
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 7, 2004Views: 21,425
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Morning Glory (38) : First Times (2), Health Problems (27), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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