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Satan's Marketed Product
by Karizmaticka
Citation:   Karizmaticka. "Satan's Marketed Product: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp9958)". Jul 11, 2005.

1200 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
  900 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


Dramamine is a nasty little product. I found out the hard way and for some reason, I am now somewhat attracted to it even though I really don't like its effects at all. I was talking to someone at K-Mart about how great DXM was and he said 'Have you ever done Dramamine?' Well, no I haven't so he told me how he took 2 bottles his first time and insanity ensued with seeing things that weren't there and strange thoughts etc. So I thought 'Maybe that's why Modest Mouse has a song about Dramamine. I might as well take 2 bottles!'

Trip 1

Setting: A friend's house with 4 of my closest friends

Time: After dark

Experience: I took 24 pills I had chillin in my pocket. I then proceeded to hotbox the spacious Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan with 4 people outside of the house I would be sleeping at that night. I can't remember much after I saw the demons pushing a tree around across the street (hmmm)...but this is what they told me I was doing. Apparently, I kept grabbing at the keys babbling about how I had to deliver the pizza! (I was a pizza delivery man, but I wasn't working that day or I wouldn't have been there.) I kinda remember being inside and I kept getting up and running for the door, but I was always stopped by those people…I had no idea who they were. I went to the bathroom and ran into 3 walls on the way…about 5 feet away. I remember looking in the mirror at my reflection and telling it that it looked just like me and that it had better stop mocking and copying me or I was going to have to beat it shitless.

When I came out of the bathroom I ran for the door and made it. I got outside and must've twisted my ankle or something because it hurt like a bitch the next day. Supposedly I was screaming at the top of my lungs and dancing in the street in the suburbs at about 1 AM before I went and knocked on his neighbor's door going to ask them if they ordered this pizza. But I was ambushed by those people I was with and dragged back to the house where I kept making a racket and wouldn't shut up or sit down, so his mom was all like 'Dammit, you and your drugs! Get out of my house!' Well there is no way she was gonna let me drive trippin nuts like I was, so she drove me home. I don't remember the ride either but I'm told I was pushing on her seat the whole time and picking at things that weren't there...odd.

I got home and I just remember talking to my grandma and going to bed and my mom coming in asking me where my car was over and over again. And my car was still at my friends house, but in my head I really did trade my car for my friends Camaro for a night, and I was sure that the Camaro was in the driveway. 'No, there is no car in the driveway.' Yeah there is, I'm pointing right at it! When I came down a few hours later enough so that I could think for myself and I wasn't insane, she told me that painful reality that my grandma left a week ago and that I was doing crazy things in the living room. I opened up an imaginary bottle of something and acted like I was pouring it into a bowl and I began to drink nothing from the bowl. Doesn't that sound ridiculous? As ridiculous as smoking a cigarette that isn't there even though you can see it? As ridiculous as talking to people in the hallway that aren't there? This stuff is nasty. I felt out of it for about 6 days, swearing to myself never to touch it again. I was only lying to myself.

I've had about 6 or 7 experiences of 12 tablets after that experience and before this next one. I never got any hallucinations of people or things being there that weren't, just knowing I smoked a cigarette when I was completely out of them, in my bed when I knew that there was no smoking in the house. I would hold the nonexistent cigarette and light it with a nonexistent lighter and take a drag and see the smoke, go to take another drag (I could feel the cigarette in my mouth, btw) and notice that I didn't inhale anything like I did the first time. Hmmm…I look at my hand that now that I think about it I didn't move the whole time and see it empty. It genuinely blows though when you're driving on it and you really do light a cigarette and 2 hits later you're down to the butt…I still don't know how that works. I had that terrible feeling of increased gravity that makes it very uncomfortable to move. Someone told me it's like heroin withdrawal to an extent. So here's the next experience:

Trip ??

Setting: My house, alone, at night

Time: About the same as the first trip I described.

Experience: I'm just chillin at my computer online talking to my friends. 'Yeah, I just took 18 Dramamine.' About an hour later, I get that damn gravity feeling I hate so much, making it very uncomfortable to move my head or even to type, so I just stop and swivel the chair to look at the TV being completely unresponsive to people talking to me online. Maybe another 45 minutes and I turn back and look at the wall. What's that? It looked like there was multi-colored smoke in the corner of the room morphing very, very quickly into different shapes, most of them formless and abstract. Stationary things like a stain on the frame of the computer monitor were twitching violently. So were the walls if I looked at them far enough away. I could hear voices, which felt completely normal at the time. I looked at a picture of my Grandmother, not the one from the first trip, and saw her talking in the picture. It seemed normal at the time.

And more with the nonexistent cigarettes. 'Did I just go outside? I can't remember…maybe I did…' I look over by the couch and see the form of a person made of television static walking towards me. It frightened me and I closed my eyes and heard something really loud. Damn, I was scared shitless just about. I reminded myself it was just the drug, and calmed myself down slowly. When I opened my eyes again and looked at a wreathe hanging on the wall, it seemed to be floating in midair. The wall is green, and I could see the shadow of the wreathe on the wall, but the wall seemed to have no depth, and I just couldn't picture it being there. 'I'm going to bed before something happens.' It took me about 15 minutes to walk across the house, I'm not real sure what happened, but I know I ended up in bed sweating my balls off, half naked, in a cold house. 'What just happened…' I'll never know. I forced myself to go to sleep after I noticed that I was smoking those damn 'ghost cigarettes' again.

The thing about Dramamine is that I hate what it does to me, but I always find myself coming back to it for some reason. Just like another report I read, I always end up thinking to myself 'Why the hell did I do this again…' I know it's really dangerous but I do it anyway. I hate it. It's probably the only drug I've tried that I don't recommend other than gasoline.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9958
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 11, 2005Views: 12,182
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : Difficult Experiences (5), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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