A Nice Trip with Friends
Citation:   Austin. "A Nice Trip with Friends: An Experience with LSD & MDMA (exp9953)". Erowid.org. Aug 20, 2004. erowid.org/exp/9953

T+ 0:00
4 hits oral LSD
  T+ 2:15 1 tablet oral MDMA
When I was young, I was taught that drugs were bad and only used by the lowest of our society. When I got older and went to college I began to understand that what I was taught was different from reality, but still I refrained from exploring.

What I lacked was a guide.

A dear friend of mine, lets call her H, (someone I might very well have married if she hadn't had a boyfriend in college) had found a new partner - someone that was younger, energetic, and all together an excellent example of a human companion. This person, M, was into the rave scene and everything that implies - including responsible substance use.

Together they convinced me to experience my first session with LSD. I was interested, but nervous about it - H convinced me to read all I could (using Erowid as a reference) before I dosed, so I could understand what to expect.

What I believed I learned prior to my experience with LSD is that you should be comfortable with letting go. I think I also learned that your state of mind should be content (even happy), playful, receptive, prepared, and free of commitments during the experience.

This might sound odd, but I think my experience with long bike rides (sometimes extending 6+ hours and 100 miles), made it easier to for me prepare for my LSD experience. I think my determination and positive attitude during a long endurance sport was applicable, but not directly so. I knew I was capable of handling something intense, sometimes difficult, but overall rewarding. I knew that I could find a way to make almost any experience enjoyable; my friends who have accompanied me on these bike rides would likely nod their heads in agreement.

The day of the experience was a Friday - my friends were to arrive in the late afternoon. I spent all day concentrating on being in a 'happy place' if that makes any sense. It was important to me that the tiny annoyances of the day didn't extend themselves to my recreation of the evening, and oddly enough this worked!

(Note to self - this kind of mental excercize has nothing at all to do with preparing to take LSD. If you choose to ignore the small annoyances of your life - you will do so - and be happier for it)

My friends, H and M, and I met at my house where we were going be for most the eveneng and morning. F opened the small foil packet containing a white mint that had 4 hits of LSD in it. He first made sure that 'we didn't need to go anywhere...' for the rest of the evening, implying that once we dosed we were in my house for the duration! Fine with me - I was still a little nervous but I felt prepared. So I took one and put it in my mouth.

Hmm....tastes like a mint. Dissolves like a mint. T+0:00.

We went upstairs and surfed up to Erowid, where we re-read the effects of LSD and a few experience reports. I began to feel something after about 30-40 minutes - a slight tightness in the back of my neck. Perhaps it was just tension.

After reading Erowid for about an hour I noticed a significant imparment to my ability to read - it was like I couldn't quietly concentrate on the words. I thought this effect was mildy amusing at the time, and I decided that it would be a good idea to go prepare for some spinning. M selected some great music - DieselBoy, Prodigy, Run Lola Run, and more. We piped it in the house and in the backyard.

H, M, and I had been practicing poi spinning (with glowsticks). This is a neat skill and I highly reccommend it to anyone. It is even great completely sober. We assembled our glowsticks on strings and went out into the backyard. Spinning multicolored glowsticks while on LSD is simply awesome - it is a good way to distract you during the coming up phase. I remember the colors of the glowsticks tracing out long swirls of light that seemed to wrap me and my friends like huge hands with thin gentle fingers. We spun for what seemed like hours; sweating in the balmy warmth of the Texas summer night. I really enjoyed seeing my own glowsticks spinning almost by themselves around me and those of my friends in a concert of light.

I had a really nice visual at this time - one of my neighboors turned on his back porch light while he let his dog out to relieve himself. I happened to be looking down at the grass in my yard in the general direction of that porchlight the moment it came on. The light was filterered through my wood fence in thin beams. I saw these beams slowly progress from my fence across my yard as if the speed of light was about 5 feet per second! Amazing - I had to laugh a little.

H & M knew I was seeing things and enjoying my trip, and they suggested that I walk through my house and go into my garage, which was a very dark place. I learned later that they were seeing aftereffects in the darkness and wanted me to see it too. I was thinking that they were trying to spook me in some way - and not wanting to be a pansy I went into the house and began making my way to the garage. As I walked by my bedroom door I noticed that there was a bright outline of light around the closet door. Somehow this light was not a friendly light. I felt my mind slipping down to a place that I feared.

I chose to gain control of that slide just as I would control a skid in my car. No panic. A little concentration, and the application of a bit of counter steer, (figuratively), and I was back to my happy place. It seemed that my preparation and mental well being served me well. That was the only remotely negative experience I had that night.

We went back into the house and I realised that I had tripping for about 2 hours. Good god I felt like it was more like 6. I thought to myself that the 8-10 hour trip would likely feel like a week! Fine with me, I thought. I was where I was and I was happy about it.

H & M were at the kitchen table opening a little bottle that contained a few hits of MDMA. They suggested that the MDMA would be complimentary to the LSD and I agreed to take a pill myself. (Note to self: it is always a good idea to know the dosage - I wasn't in a smart enough mood to ask. My bad, but I was with good, experienced friends that I trust).

LSD T+2:45
MDMA T+0:30

The MDMA was really hitting hard - I was jittery and a little agitated, but in a good way. I know that sounds a little wrong, but I really was enjoying it. Just as I was peaking the phone rings.

A word of advice to the wise psychonaut - stay away from phones. They only bring trouble.

I answer the phone and it is my brother. He and I are very close; but he is completely unaware of my very recent experimentations with LSD and MDMA. He has just stared his own business and was seeking my help on some kind of computer problem. As I tried to listen to his dilemma all I wanted to do was stop him mid sentance and scream into the phone:

Dood! You shouldn't ask me anything right now because I'm tripping on ACID and peaking on E!

This I was going to scream to my brother who thought the strongest thing I ever took was Advil.

I recalled with some horror the next day that the advice I gave him was to reinstall Windows. Good god what have I done to that poor man. Oddly enough it all worked out - it actually solved the problem.

After that the three of us decided to take a walk. This seems to be a common thing to do when you trip - and it was a neat thing. We went over to this little playground where small children in the neighboorhood clamber on the oddly shaped playscape and the swings. The three of us noticed another group, much younger than we were, on the other side of the playground. I wondered to myself whether they were having as much fun as I was having. Maybe.

LSD T+4:15
MDMA T+2:00

I was in a real happy place now - I was lapping on some ice cream from the local 7-11, and we were walking back to the house. H said that she thought that ice cream was nasty when she was tripping - but I couldn't believe anything could make ice cream taste bad. It didn't - for me at least.

We got back to the house and continued to play music, spin glowsticks (I have a big living room), and talk. I confessed that while I was glad that H & M had found each other, a few small events in my past might have found me and H bonded together for life. She had hers and I had mine (I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 13 years), but I realized how lucky I was to have known another human being that I could have spent my whole life with. Good for M - I'm happy for him. He's a lucky guy. She mentioned a particular secret that she told me in confidence way back in college that she made known to M; something very personal that was appropriate only for a few close friends. She was shocked when I told her that I had kept her secret all these years, telling no one. Funny how MDMA allows you to open up - I felt great telling her what I thought, what I felt, how much I loved her, and how happy I was that she and M were a couple - for life.

Peice of advice - if you need to open up, MDMA is a good vehicle. Make sure that the other person is receptive to it though, because too much truth can be a bad thing for some people.

Time began to run in fast forward now for me, because when I looked at the clock it was pretty late.

LSD T+7:15
MDMA T+5:00

I was tired now, laying on the living room floor. The MDMA was wearing off - I was feeling the desire to redose. I'm glad I didn't though, moderation is the key in all things. I believe human experience is an excercise in witnessing change; that is after all how our brains are wired. Seek out the new, especially when the new gets old.

The visuals from the LSD were coming back - my window panes were flowing back and forth a bit, breathing from time to time. And I distinctly recall my chandelier hanging from the ceiling at a strange, oblique angle. Wierd. Fun.

Yawn. Wow I was tired. We put Run Lola Run back into the CD player and set it on repeat. Damn that's a good soundtrack.

I fell asleep listening to the music and silently wondering if the moving fractals in my mind could possibly be the most beautiful and fantastic things that I'll never really see.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9953
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 20, 2004Views: 50,067
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