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Nice, Light Opiate High
by mp
Citation:   mp. "Nice, Light Opiate High: An Experience with Ethylmorphine (exp99240)". Feb 10, 2013.

100 mg oral Pharms - Ethylmorphine (pill / tablet)


Got a few boxes of OTC Ethylmorphine pills, and this was my first experience with them.

Took 50mg at first, after half an hour the effects started, but they were not as intense as I hoped for so I took another 50mg and a beer.

At first I felt a bit drowsy, very relaxed and when I sat down I didn't want to move any part of my body. I didn't feel warm though like on codeine, actually I was a bit cold. I smoked a little bit of weed at this point.

About two hours after I took the first 50mg the effects started to get stronger, I tried watching a tv show but it was too overwhelming and the people talked too fast. Put on some slow music and started closing my eyes every now and then, every ten minutes or so it felt like I sank in a warm bath, and then I came up again and felt almost normal. My nose was really itchy too.

After two hours of thoe relaxing waves I went to a bar to see a band. At first I felt like I was very isolated; a lot of things were happening around me but it had nothing to do with me. No euphoria at all. After another beer I felt much better and more relaxed. The effects of the drug slowly went away, and I got really alert and active and tsayed awake for much longer than I usually do.

Overall I really like the experience. Hardly any side-effects besides itching. Right now I have a little hangover but it's quite relaxing and no nausea or something. Will definately do this again.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99240
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Feb 10, 2013Views: 5,947
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