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In Your Mind
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Pzi
Citation:   Pzi. "In Your Mind: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp9886)". Aug 5, 2004.

375 mg oral Mushrooms (dried)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis  


I have many nicknames, but you can call me Pzi. Two days ago, my parents went on a vaccation for the weekend, so I invited two friends over. Let's call them Quad and Cello. They had convinced me to go with them to a Copenhagen club called 'Amager' the day before, and we decided to start the party at my house.

Quad arrived first and we had some pizza, then we decided to do the last of the shrooms I had left. Expensive shit, so I probably wouldn't have gotten a profit by selling it anyhow. We each had approx. 375 mg of (supposedly) high quality Amazone shrooms. On a previous experience with the same shrooms we each had around 750 mg but only achieved a level 2 trip. We had a lousy setting at the time though, that might explain it.

Enter Cello, he sits down with us as we're watching 'Human Traffic'. He's missed the first 42 hrs of the movie but that's his loss. 'Synd' as we say in Sweden. Me and Quad are now verilly merrilly and Cello asks us how much we've been smoking. We deny the accusation. Cello exclaims 'What do you mean you haven't been smoking I can see it in your eyes!'. Quad informs him that smoking pot don't make your pupils swell.

We finish watching the movie then smoke some weed. Not before I've had a shower though, oh my god that was one damn nice shower. When done smoking we watch the Human Traffic trailer, which is a few hrs longer than the movie itself. Then we listen to some music, I think it was pretty loud but I couldn't tell for the shrooms. The room is significantly more blurry than before and the furniture is waving back and forth in rythm to the music.

After a while we realize it's time to take a cab to the train station. See we live in a town called Malmö in Sweden so we have to take a train to get to the club which is located Copenhagen, Denmark.

Someone calls a cab and is told it will be waiting for us in 3 mins. After what feels like half an hour but really is like 6-7 mins, we get ourself seated and suddenly we are at the train station. The journey took forever but was over in an instant (yeah I can't explain it). At the train station I'm pretty messed up and just follow Quad wherever he is going. Good thing I almost trust him. We walk past about a dozen cops with a couple cool...don't sweat it. Haha, suckers! We're in the train and find some empty seats, the train quickly departs. Quad says you can buy tickets on the train, it turns out to be a free ride.

This is where the journey really begins. I'm sitting shoulder to shoulder with Quad travelling backwards, the speed rush of the train moving is pretty intense. I look out the window but unfortunately, at 11 something pm in the evening, it's pretty dark outside. I'm starting to see Cello as a suspended 3d-figure against a 2d background setting now and then. Cello is jabbering out loud whatever is on his mind. He mentions something about the universe, infinite speed and moving in a train, I figure he sounds like a true dopehead to the other passengers, Cello doesn't seem to have problem with that, however.

After an eternity on the train we arrive in Copenhagen and start walking randomly down a main street. There is some confusion on what's to happen next and I ask my friends if they know where Amager is located. Someone mentions taking a cab so I say 'alright, where can we find a cab?', then we walk some more until we find one. I get to sit in the front seat. Good thing Quad and Cello knows what to tell the cabdriver as he apparently knows the location of 'Amager Bio' but not 'Amager'.

Man, Copenhagen really got the neon-lights thing going. Everywhere you look is hundreds of lights blinking, hopping, laughing..our present state of mind enhances it further. Suddenly Quad remembers to ask the driver if he accepts swedish money. 'Ja men det koster sa halvfjers extre' ...ehhh......sure, man. (Later found out it means 'yeah but it'll cost ya 50% extra).

Finally there! We visit a 7-eleven store to get some gum for Cello. I do my best not to look like a shoplifter and probably fail miserably. We decide to waste no more time outside the club and move towards the entrance. 'We're gonna be searched, so drop anything you're carrying', Cello informs me. I'm not carrying so it's no problem. We do get searched thouroughly, did that guard have to squeeze my arse that tight? The shrooms are wearing off or at least there's no more visual stuff. We hang back a while then start kicking it on the floor. More and more people are dancing and the music is pretty cool. We take a break after an hour or so and just stand by the bar talking. Cello buys a soft drink he's forced to share with both me and Quad.

We dance some more and then I look at the time, 2.15, have to go..need to get to work in time. I say goodbye to my friends and leave the club. Try to call a cab and realize after 5 minutes we're in Denmark and my cellphone can only be used in Sweden. Manage to find a cab and is taken back to the trainstation, the driver is speeding like a maniac and I'm enjoying it. Bummer! The train is not leaving until 3.20 am and it's only 2.40, could've stayed at the club at least another half an hour. Oh well, I sit down and try to clear my head to get ready for work, it's going to be a tight schedule. I notice things are once again moving slightly, the sidewalk I'm on is breathing a little. Some guy wants to start a fight and mumbles something to me. I ask him 'what?', he tells me to shut up. I ignore him and his friends hold him back. The train arrives and I get on..the journey home takes 35 mins. I have to pay the trip home.

Back in Malmö 3.55, I have no money left for another cab, so I have to walk about 3km home. Get home, drink some coca cola and tea. Quickly get all the stuff I need for work and hop on my bike. Arrive 30 mins late at 4.45, and get started. It's all willpower now, I've got a shroomed head and my joints are aching like hell. I'm done delivering the papers 6.55, 5 minutes before the deadline.

Back home and realize I have to clean up the apartment before my parents get home. I stay up drinking more cola and tea and watch Human Traffic once again, it's better when still tripping on shrooms, but still good sober.

Well, I guess that's all of it..I'm sure I forgot a whole lot. This is my way of saying 'fuck you' to my employer who forced me to work sunday. See I had the best time of my life and still did my shitty work, anything is possible if you really want it bad, it's all in your head.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9886
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 5, 2004Views: 2,878
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Various (28)

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