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How I Spent the Last Day on Earth
25I-NBOMe, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis
by Unholy Jim
Citation:   Unholy Jim. "How I Spent the Last Day on Earth: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis (exp98835)". Jul 13, 2013.

T+ 0:00
1 mg buccal 25I-NBOMe
  T+ 1:15   smoked Tobacco
  T+ 1:15   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 1:15   inhaled Nitrous Oxide
  T+ 7:00   smoked Tobacco
  T+ 7:00   inhaled Nitrous Oxide


December 21st 2012.
The ‘Last day on earth’

My most visual trip to date. Herein is my second(?*) experience with 25i-NBOMe. (1000ug) I cannot quote exact times as I was unfortunately not recording them, so all times given here are approximate unless stated otherwise. (*: I had previously been sold 2 tabs as acid, and I am pretty certain that it was in fact 25i having had both genuine LSD and 25i-NBOMe.)

First of all, I feel it is important that I give a little background story. My best friend, who I shall refer to as S (we consider each other brothers) and I used to smoke a lot of weed together. He left college last year and I stayed on. In this time he picked up a job at a fast food restaurant and is earning approx. £300 weekly and has no living costs. Unfortunately he has also been taking a lot of cocaine. There was a lot of friction between S and myself in the past. We fell out over a girl who I’m still with. He has been trying to get me to try cocaine for a while now, and I, being an avid lover of psychedelics, have been trying to get him to trip with me.

So, it all starts on an average Friday, if you can call the predicted date of the apocalypse an average Friday. It is the first day of my Christmas holidays and I am staying at my grandmother’s house. I often stay at weekends and smoke a lot of weed with my dear granddad. I leave the house at approximately 11AM and walk into the local park, where I bump into some friends, casually smoking some ganja on a bench. I inform them that I plan to spend the day tripping on 25i, which I am sent by a friend in China. They are all interested and I inform them that I will be receiving more soon. I roll 2 ‘kingskin’ joints and put them away for later and take my tab.

The taste was not as bitter as my previous experience with suspected 25i. I held the blotter between my lip and gum for approximately half an hour, until I started to feel nauseous at which point I spat it out. Within 5 minutes I was vomiting. I had performed a small allergy test with part of another blotter from this batch previously so was not as concerned as I could have been, though I was somewhat afraid that I may end up as one of those death cases you read about happening in the states. I spent about 5 minutes throwing up in a bush. This seems to happen every time I use this substance, though none of my friends even get nauseous! When I stopped, drank some water and sat in wait.

It is approximately 40 minutes since I took the tabs and I am wondering why I have no visuals, when on my previous trip I was getting ‘breathing’ floors within 25 minutes. At the hour mark the breathing is slight but I am not sure if it is a placebo effect. I feel a little uncomfortable, bid my friends farewell and decide to head home for a little bit. On the walk home (about 3-4 minutes) I listen to some Kasabian which sounds absolutely amazing. The pavement in front of me starts to fractalise a little.

I get back to my grandmothers just as she is leaving, Inform her that my stomach was a little iffy. We had kebabs from a really grimy local shop the night before so it was believable. I have the house to myself and was halfway through watching ‘waterworld’ on sky the previous night so I put that on and watch it for a little while.

It is approximately T+ 1:15. I find I am barely interested in the film and I bring up youtube on the computer.

This is where it gets intense.

I light a spliff and I look up at the textured ceiling. It seems to be flowing like water but at the same time the patterns shift in groups like clouds. I then decide to watch some Terrence McKenna. I then remember reading that laughing gas really kicks trips up a notch. Fortunately I had a cracker and 50 odd canisters handy.

In the confusion that follows the inhalation of the gas the visuals get absolutely beautiful. Being the supposed end of the world today I watch one off Terry’s spiels on the Mayans. All of the psychedelic artwork on the interview video really sets me tripping. I finally understand why people draw these mystical images. They aren’t drawn by people showing things they have seen while tripping, as I previously believed, but rather for those that are. I listen to what he has to say and it would be impossible to explain what went through my head so I’ll summarise the keypoints.

It is exactly T=2:00. Each canister seem to space me out for a good 5-10 minutes each when I'm on 25i as opposed to the 30-60 seconds when sober. As I return from the 8th or 9th consecutive balloon hit, my phone rings. It is S. He says he’s in town and asks if I fancy hanging about.

I am suddenly very very excited about going outside and notice that the nausea had gone at about the time I started smoking. I attempt to put on my converses but there is an impossible Knot in the laces. I tell him I am tripping and to come and meet me. I head downstairs to wait for him and I walk outside with one shoe on, probably looking totally insane. I walk round in circles in the car park for about 5 minutes then I decide to sit on the bench right outside. I listen to the engines of the passing cars and they sound beautiful. So strange. S finally turns up and we go inside. I give up with the shoes and put on my comfy walking boots...

Putting my feet in them felt better than sex.

I offer S a tab which he slips under his tongue and we walk into the park. We meet the same group from earlier and they are all eager to ask about my trip so far. The visuals at this point are astounding. There are beautiful fractal patterns in everything I look at. One girl in the group had purple highlights in her hair which appeared to illuminate her face with a hue-ish light. S doubts me. He complains that he doesn't feel anything. I point out to him that he has only had the tab in his mouth for about 5 minutes.

We head to the bus station in town, which is the hub for our group of friends and we can always guarantee there will be people we know on the bench outside the shopping centre. As we walk through the bus station everyone looks so hilariously deformed, and the businesses such as ‘Subway’ and ‘KFC’ feel ‘Rubbery and fake’.

At this point my friend starts to trip. HARD. We bump into a few of our friends, one of which is M, who dabbles in snuff with S and also has a very good knowledge of his substances. M begins to quiz us on our experiences and another friend reveals a brightly coloured bottle of ‘Blue Jelly Belly’ drink, whatever that is.

S is amazed by the rich blue of the bottle. I tell him to turn around as there is a huge blue signpost/pillar behind him. He is totally ‘Mindfucked’. He starts hugging the pillar and crying out ‘I’m hugging blue!’ From this point onwards I pretty much spend the day looking after him. Later on S was insistent that there were giant domes like the shield bubbles from halo 3 but a lot bigger above us, the intersection of the one we were apparently in came to an end right at the middle of the bus-station bench.

We decide to go into the shopping centre and marvel at the Christmas lights. We bump into someone who for reasons I will not go into here makes us both fall into fits of laughter and run out of the shopping centre.

A lot of less exciting exchanges happen for the next hour or so. S and I are wandering around the shopping centre again and we have been joined by another friend, A, who mainly wants to goof around with S whilst he is tripping. At this point S really starts to open up to me. Although we are very close friends we have never really had much of an emotional bond. We are walking through the shopping centre and A and I confront S regarding his cocaine use. S says loudly ‘I feel like I am at war with myself’ which is not at all like him. I should mention that at this point the concept of volume control seems lost to S. We walk a little further and S. suddenly clasps his head and shouts ‘It feels like an itch inside of my mind! Right here!’. A and I react quickly and taking S by the arms hustle him to the nearest exit.

We then freak out over a car with a camera on top before realising it’s just one of those automated Registration/tax checkers. It is about 6.30 pm (T= 7:00). We head back to towards the park and S remarks on the grass beside the path, stating he can see stars in it! Whenever I look at the floor I see repeated ornate patterns that vary on each surface. I tell him to look up at the actual stars and he refuses, saying there are enough on the floor. I look up at the moon and it turns into a pyramid with fractals and ornate patterns swimming around it. It’s just beautiful. Seeing S’s amazement at the small patch of grass I was struck by an idea. I took S to a field.

Again, he was mindfucked.

We went to go and sit on a bench by the lake in the park so that I could have a smoke and the ground on the way to the bench gets increasingly watery. At this point we pretty much hallucinated the same thing. Now my boots were completely waterproof so it wasn’t much of a problem for me, but neither of us could tell whether we were walking on land or in water. We decide to go and sit on the benches near the fountain and I Light my joint. I finally convince S. to look at the sky. ‘Holy shit! There’s giant green birds attacking the moon!’

S has pretty much lost interest in cannabis since he started using coke. I often worry about S and his cocaine use, and it honestly felt that I was supposed to be giving him therapy, linked in with the shaman theme of the night. I felt that I was coming down a little but visuals were still present. S was still tripping pretty hard. We each did a few balloons (Nitrous Oxide) which really bought me back into the trip and each one seemed to completely dissociate S with reality for about 5 minutes. At one point he turned to me after doing a balloon and stated that he couldn’t remember the last 10 minutes.

For me the stars were beautiful, My mind played dot to dot creating shapes and images. S was insistent that there were scratch marks on the moon. After a while we both decided to go home.

Overall the the trip lasted from 11am - ? as I was still getting mild visuals when I went to sleep at about 11. Note that I took a fairly strong dose and was using NOS all night which probably explains the long duration of the trip. The comedown was very easy on me although S texted me saying he had an awful comedown and thought he was going to fade out of existence. The only side effect I had was an aching lower back at the end of the evening. S also reported doing a line of cocaine when he got home and said that he felt like he could feel the powder flurrying around inside him like snow.

Overall this trip was the most visual I have ever had. Everything was colourful or spewing fractals. There were no real physical sensations like with LSD and although I had a lot of spiritual epiphanies they did not quite come with the OH MY GOD feeling of LSD. I love this substance.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98835
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jul 13, 2013Views: 6,131
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25I-NBOMe (542), Cannabis (1), Nitrous Oxide (40) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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