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Harmful to Say the Least
Tabernanthe iboga (Total Alkaloid extract)
Citation:   Lance. "Harmful to Say the Least: An Experience with Tabernanthe iboga (Total Alkaloid extract) (exp98661)". Jan 21, 2013.

300 mg   Tabernanthe iboga
I had been meditating and working on my egos (my inner demons) for about 10 years when I first took Iboga TA. I actually only took the test dose, 300mg. It was high quality and purchased online. I had fasted earlier that year and had a very clean body. I don't take medication or anything like that.

I took the dose at 5am. The experience of not being able to leave my bed lasted until about 5pm. At the time, the experience was interesting, very awake. My thoughts were a little more interesting and I was more conscious. But it was over the next week that I saw the real effects...

You see, the tiny dose of the TA gave me lots of light and new energy. But then the egos, those elements that come into us and make us think and move and so on, came in a fed on the new energy and thus became stronger. My enslavement to them increased. Nowadays, my negative emotions are stronger, my movements are more erratic, it is harder to spiritually speaking, the TA was harmful. Even my soul is sleepier. I have to wake myself up again, and this may take a long time for me.

I have been warned about drugs before, but I thought Iboga was different. Perhaps I should've taken the whole root. Ayahuasca was fine for example.

The interesting thing is that my friend who took DMT said he noticed the same effect, stronger emotions afterwards, negative ones. And this happens because the egos are stronger.

So I cannot recommend Iboga TA to anyone who is already in a good place and going in the right direction. Drugs make normal people crazy and crazy people normal. That is my paraodoxical conlcusion. I regret taking it and I hope other esoteric students find out before it's too late.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98661
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Jan 21, 2013Views: 1,812
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