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25 mg oral Pharms - Lamotrigine (pill / tablet)
Context: In June of 2012, I suffered a head injury at work. A concussion has left me in a somewhat damaged state, as it frequently does, and I have concentration, anger, and mania issues, as well as memory loss, word-recall impairment, motor function impairment, and general malaise. So my neurologist prescribed me Lamitrogine to regulate my mood and to help my concentration. Initially, I refused, as I do not normally take rx medication. But he pressed me to take it recently, and today I had the prescription filled, and I am reporting what I have experienced.

Setting: I was in my home. I had a mostly empty stomach. I did drink coffee, about 16 ounces at a typical strength (Chock Full o' Nuts, Original Blend, perhaps 2 tbsp per 6 ounces brewed in an automatic Mr. Coffee). I have an extremely low tolerance for anything psychoactive, so I am always very cautious taking any chemical. I took one 25 mg tablet of lamitrogine, and sat idly, waiting for an effect, being wary of what it might do to me.

Body type: I weigh 240-245 pounds, but I am not overweight, I'm just very large. My BMI indicates I am only slightly overweight, and no-where near obese. I am Native American, and have the usual low tolerance for mind-altering substances for Native Americans. I suffer from chronic clinical Major Depression, and some people wonder if I have mild manic-depression. I have experienced mild symptoms of schizophrenia, and also have the aforementioned concentration issues, which manifest as symptoms similar to those associated with ADD. I am poor, so I have not received any medical analysis of my many mild dysfunctions.

Events: I took the medication at 1500, and within 30 minutes began to feel a physiological difference. My energy skyrocketed, and I became hyper-focused, as in a manic phase.

1500 I took 25 mg of lamotrigine.

1530 Physiological differences manifest: energy skyrocketing, hyper-focus on minutiae, mild mania.

1600 Symptoms described previously exacerbated, marginally; symptoms crescendo gradually.

1600-1830 Extreme aggression manifests, otherwise experienced hyper-mania, hyper-focus, high energy. No filter on what I say, am willing to say incredibly obtuse, offensive, aggressive, thoughtless, angry, hostile, disturbing, black things. I am incapable of not bursting out aggressively, passionate, etc. I am remarkably efficient and goal-oriented. Cleaned an absolutely devastated kitchen that serves 7 people in about 30 minutes, which is remarkable. I am hyper-rational while simultaneously emotionally spiraling out of control. Constitutionally incapable of staying calm, still, settled, patient, kind, gentle; everything must be loud, hateful, spontaneous, etc.

1900 Reup (in hindsight, I may've I reupped too early)

1900-2000 Extremely disgruntled, incapable of calming myself. Friend from church redirected me to writing, wrote 3 pages in my novel, grew restless, and started freaking out, stormed the kitchen and was very fitful, had tremors in my hands, involuntary grunts and ticks, hyper-intellectual, abrasive to my wife and step-daughter, decided to separate myself from humans, trying to meditate and self medicate with exercise and writing. The computer screen seems to calm me. I am by no means calm, but I am contained.

(1945) Took 500 mg niacin, 4000 mg ascorbic acid, 500 mg vitamin e, 500 mg cod liver oil. Ate 1 bowl of mixed bean/ham soup with many spices, ate 1 plate of ham and potatoes, drank 16 ounces of same brew of coffee. Drank 24 ounces of water.

2035 Took pulse, 96 bpm. Hyper-manic. Need help, considering triggering my celiac's to send myself to bed, can't stand being so aggressive, riled up, manic. Emotional outbursts are subsiding somewhat.

2040 Look online, no conclusive information, consult WebMD, no conclusive information. Seems like there's very little information anywhere on this stuff. Writing report to self-medicate, intellectual activity calms me. Hands involuntarily clench, unclench, twitch, etc.

2152 Took pulse, 106 bpm. Mind is distracted enough to seem normal, presumably because of writing. Sitting still makes me absolutely insane.

2210 Food + Ascorbic acid + niacin + water seems to have stabilized me somewhat.

Because this reaction is not typical, I am discontinuing use of lamitrogine.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98583
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Dec 13, 2012Views: 27,889
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