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I Think We Have a Winner Here
Citation:   Antibody2. "I Think We Have a Winner Here: An Experience with DET (exp98536)". Erowid.org. Dec 9, 2012. erowid.org/exp/98536

    DET (powder / crystals)
Well,I think we have a winner here. It is easy to make, easy to take, no real consequences, just a lot of bliss. Surprised we hear so little about this wonderful tryptamine.

Long story short this was just a small taste test. One tiny drop of the oil (hadn't crystallized yet) was placed in a freebase pipe and torch applied. The smoke was god awful worse than DMT IMHO. A pressure accompanied the lift off on the chest like someone pushing me against a wall and a slight breathlessness. 'Success!' All of a sudden the sunlight sparkling off the water takes on a mystical quality, everything is sharper, there is some mild hallucination/distortion for a short while. I was packing up to leave, but now can't seem to get organized to finish packing, feeling a little clueless, but good. Decide that driving will have to wait a while yet and take the dog for a walk. Everything seem animated, the way the trees move, the layers and layers of trees. Get back an hour or so later and things are beginning to subside, finish packing, get in the car an away we go. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] Everything seems normal now except when I start passing cars, the dotted line turns into this cool strobe effect, and I feel totally lucid, in the zone, passing is easy, stress free. I feel very open and expansive. An hour later itís all gone, except for the memory.

Cleaning out a beaker the DET had crystalized in there was a residue around the beaker, so this was dissolved inn some MeOH (1-2mls) and this is added drop wise to a choice pot bud. allowed to dry completely and then rolled into a spliff. Not sure how much was there, at all. The pot didn't improve the taste of the DET one bit, in fact I couldn't even taste the pot. About half way through the spliff, the water takes on this mystical quality again, not just the sparkling sunlight, but also the patterns in the current become sublime. Not real lift off this time and it was a series of small tokes instead of one massive pipe hit. So even soother this way. It was a beautiful spring afternoon. I had a fire going and it was totally blissed out puttering around the fire. Experienced a very expansive creative frame of mind. Came up with some great solutions to long-standing issues, effortlessly. Also there was a shift in mythinking about some areas of my life that he had been indecisive about and had been stressing him out. Lots of spontaneous laughter. All in all totally blissful, an hour or so later the effects began to taper off, so I smoked the rest of the joint, and for the 1st 10-15 minutes, there was a slight body load, but not unpleasant, just there. It could best be described as having a tryptamine taste, even though it was not a gustatory sensation, but a mental one. Inside every bit of dust or dirt seemed amplified and the energy of the trip shifted a little towards 'critical thinking' which is not usually an aspect of tripping I enjoy, but this part was short lived, as soon as I went outside again the bliss returned. Spent another hour enjoying a very peaceful, blissful, insightful frame of mind with no ego threatening confrontational type thinking whatsoever. About an hour after the 2nd smoke, I pack up and head home. Listening to Allwoods (Highly recommended) on the drive home, back in the zone, passing other cars soooo effortlessly, like I am PART of the pattern. Two hours after the 2nd smoke it has all slipped away. There is a slightly narcotic after effect to this stuff, not bad, but it does make you feel a little insulated.

To summarize
I could go to work or into a client meeting flying on this stuff and would be able to function just fine. In fact, as someone in a creative industry, this stuff would be very useful for brainstorming sessions, creative sessions, or just about anything else you might be able to imagine.

At this dose, there was not much body load and no negative side effects, no mental meat grinder, and not really any visuals. Throughout the high, it is unmistakable that one is high, but difficult to explain in exactly what way. I won't say subtle, because the effects are pronounced, but not overwhelming in ANY way. Normally, smoking DMT involves a little fear that must be overcome in order to launch. There is NO fear with DET just bliss. The downside of this being that it would be very easy to abuse.

I have also smoked a fair bit of DET in the past month, usually by dissolving some in MeOH and then soaking some pot in the MeOH while it evaporates. The effects are consistently pleasant and euphoric, many I have shared it with also like it a lot, although most have never heard of the stuff before and it takes some explaining.

There was one exception, when I smoked a little too much too fast, he got some really hot flashes and felt like he had to sit down, where he starting having crazy rushes and the world dissolved into the sparkles he mentioned a couple paragraphs above. Perspiration was literally pouring off him, then a nice breeze came up and I was able to focus on how nice the breeze felt until a few minutes later he was able to pull it back together and get on with the evening.

#4 - Oral
Ok, so finally got around to doing some DET orally. It was Friday night at the 2012 Eclipse festival. I swallowed about 75mgs of DET fumarate (thought it was 100mgs but some got stuck in the vial) at 7:30pm, within 45 minutes is was coming on, an internal sort of pressure was felt, nothing alarming, but it was pronounced, lift off is under way. This gave way to a nice euphoric feeling and a desire to move to the music. An hour or so into it I realize that some of the DET was still in the vial, so swallowed that too. A friend and I find a seat at the chill stage and have a great intimate conversation and about this time everything gets these sparkles all over them, almost like a subtle laser show, but very ephemeral. Have noticed this effect on mushrooms before as well, but not as pronounced. Walking around the festival afterwards a friend and I bump into another friend, but I can't really get into long winded conversation so much anymore, it seems a crime not to be on the dance floor, so I excused himself and head down to the lunar stage to groove for a while.

When he gets back they are still talking, I am in this perfect psychedelic space. Not in any way overwhelming, no mental meat grinder with this stuff at all, no magnified self-consciousness, just a beautiful tryptamine glow. There are some subtle insights, and an objective view of most things around him, but again nothing alarming. After chilling by the bonfire and slurping down a few cold ones and catching the Eric Mandala show, I make him way back to him tent around 12:30am, smokes a fat one, puts in him ear plugs and drifts off to sleep in about an hour or so. Wakes up the next morning at 7am feeling just GREAT, heads down to the beach for a swim.

Nice to have a tryptamine where a small mistake at the scales won't spell catastrophe!

A few friend s and I are at a beach psytrance party I try 125 mgs of DET fumarate, all I can say is DANCEFLOOR! Peak from hour 1-2 Back to baseline at 3-4 hours

At a house concert, I drop 190mgs of DET Fumarate. The first performer sounds great, but as his performance progresses sensory input gets very exaggerated, everything takes on epic proportions. It becomes overwhelming, I am uncomfortable. I head to go outside for some air, and someone I know comes up to me and wants to talk, which is the last thing I want to do. I manage to give him the slip and go to the front porch. Iím chilling trying to catch my breath, but Iím just nor comfortable in my own skin. He finds me again and starts yapping away, its like fingernails on the blackboard. Someone else comes out for a smoke and the two them start talking and I take the opportunity to escape down the street. This is not pleasant. I decide to go home. On my way home there are lens flare type distortions coming off every light source, things have taken on a red.purple cast. This is almost like the visuals of a post hyperspace DMT afterglow. By the time I get home, I feel good again and regret having left the concert. I spend the rest of the evening listening to psybient music staring out the window immersed in the patterns rain makes running down the windows, it was beautiful. I really enjoyed the colour enhancement. 2 hours later it is wearing off to very pleasant afterglow.

Next time I go this deep I will ease my way in with several smaller doses. The come up on this stuff can be unsettling

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98536
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 48
Published: Dec 9, 2012Views: 13,596
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