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Fit for a Mayan Emperor
by DionysosPerdurabo
Citation:   DionysosPerdurabo. "Fit for a Mayan Emperor: An Experience with Sinicuichi (exp98397)". Nov 28, 2012.

  oral Heimia salicifolia (tea)


I have been consuming sinicuichi as an alternative to cannabis, and have found the two plants very disparate in effect.

I am aware that the traditional method of consumption entails soaking the fresh leaves for a day in the sun. Rather, I soak dried leaves in the sun for just a few hours, until the water resembles a golden sun-juice. The taste of the tea is inoffensive, most like flower-vase water as another submitter has noted.

The effects tend to set in as soon as I begin drinking. Most notably, my sense of color is highly sharpened. Drinkers of sinicuichi have noted a 'yellowing of vision.' In my opinion, this is due to the finer precision with which one is viewing sunlight. Light seems to take on substance, is soft and creamy-gold.

Sinicuichi is noted for its auditory effects. I have not noticed these as much as the visual. Sounds do seem softer and somewhat more distant. Sitting down at the piano, a delicateness with and attentiveness to music is much easier to manage than usual. I have experienced intense auditory hallucinations from cannabis use but have yet to from this plant.

There is a certain dilation of general awareness, particularly of one's perception of time. While watching TV, I do not hear a speaker's voice as sequential statements. Rather, it all seems to tie together and I am momentarily unable to distinguish what they have said first. This effect is not as disturbing as it may sound.

There is a calm tranquility induced, but very little like that of cannabis. This peace is very clear, and I am allowed to meditate on my problems with an enhanced objectivity. There is none of the 'cloudy' or delusional awareness that comes with cannabis.

Most importantly, sinicuichi imparts a sense of 'oneness.' Listening to music I am unable to distinguish myself from the musician--the sensation is as if we are just alter-egos. I am filled with an almost overwhelming sense of love, and get strange urges to handle insects nearby as if they are my friends.

All in all, I have found sinicuichi a valuable plant that is surprisingly obscure. When drinking sinicuichi I often feel like a stately Mayan emperor, reclining in the sunlight. The benefits of the plant are absolutely to be explored and made use of.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98397
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Nov 28, 2012Views: 17,660
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