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An Odd Day To Say The Least
by A. White
Citation:   A. White. "An Odd Day To Say The Least: An Experience with 2C-P (exp98349)". Dec 9, 2012.

10 mg oral 2C-P (powder / crystals)


This experience happened in late January of 2012, and I had become increasingly interested in changing my perceptions of reality. Iíve always wanted to become one with the universe and break away completely from the world that Iíve come to know, love, and hate. I had gotten the permission to take the 2CP from my girlfriend, (since she was going to be my babysitter for the day, and we planned to go to the park, roughly all day) and she obtained the drug for me.

I originally planned to take the drug on Presidentís Day since that was going to be the next available ďfree day.Ē There was going to be no family, no school, no work, no nothing. But I was given the drug in the form of a powder wrapped in some cardstock, not in a pill, and my girlfriend didnít want to run the risk of it spilling; so we decided to take it the next available weekend, which was the mistake that ruined the trip (but it wasnít all bad).

That Friday night I took the drug home from her house, and proceeded to wake up early in the morning (6ish) and take it since it took roughly 3 hours to peak and it had a reputation for lasting all day. I woke up feeling refreshed and was ready for the day ahead. Needlessly to say, I was incredibly giddy with excitement as I downed the 2CP. The taste was pretty bad but it went away quickly; of course, I just threw the powder in my mouth and licked the paper clean; it wasnít the ideal way to go but whatever. After doing this in the bathroom, I told myself: ďno turning back now, letís have some funĒ or something along those lines. After about an hour I then proceeded to go eat some breakfast since I was hungry and talked to my dad for a little bit. I hadnít noticed any change in reality really, but I would know soon enough. He told me that he was getting ready to take my brother to his basketball game, and that nobody was going to be there. I thought this great because I would have the house to myself, and it would give my girlfriend time to get ready and come over.

So after everybody left, I went into my room and looked at the floor. I have wood flooring, and there are grains in between each piece of floor, and these grains began to move. They looked like little ants, and I remember texting my girlfriend saying the floor was moving and rambling about how cool this drug was. When I get high, my filter comes off and I say whatís on my mind. Itís kind of nice actually since this is my chance to get anything off my chest (and believe me, there are loads of things I would like to get off). But back to the trip; I then decided a shower was in order, since I started to become slightly anxious/nauseous and decided to try and calm myself. Iíll be damned if that wasnít the greatest shower Iíve ever taken, and I wasnít even close to peaking, oh no.

After taking a shower, I decided to go out on a walk around the block. I live in a small neighborhood (Iím talking 40 houses or so) so it was really just a small 5 minute walk around a circle. It was when I was outside that everything seemed to click. I thought to myself, thereís no way that anyone can have a bad trip, thereís just no way. I was completely at peace with myself and the world. I then went inside and rolled on the living room floor. It honestly felt like summer, and everything was the greatest thing in the world. I forgot all my problems and just enjoyed being me for a change. Also, everything had this great aura around them, as if everything in my house felt as happy as I did at that time. There was a lot of emotional connecting with my environment this trip. I then decided to go lie down and wait for my girlfriend to come over. I could tell that she was becoming apprehensive through our text messages so I decided it would be best to wait for her.

When she got there, we chilled for a little bit, and then the parents came home (this is when shit started to get bad, luckily I have the most unobservant mom in the world and my dad doesnít give a shit about anything). I never did the dishes like my mom asked and proceeded to put up dirty dishes. I got scared that somebody would notice, and when I looked at my girlfriend, she had the same look of fear that I had in my body. I half played it off, stumbling in my speech trying to explain that I just wasnít paying attention, which is believable if you knew me. Also, I couldnít believe that my mom didnít notice that I had saucers for pupils, but itís whatever. Something else worth noting is that I could tell that I was getting higher, even throughout the even in the kitchen. With this drug, at least for me, I could tell that I'm getting higher, and at one point, I thought I had gotten a bad batch because I just kept climbing and I felt like I was never going to peak.

After this happened, we went back into my room to chill and find a good time to leave so that we wouldnít have to talk to my parents, since I was in no position to hold a conversation. I tried to get my mind off things and got on the computer, but nothing made sense. My Facebook was upside down and my video game made me anxious. Plus the screen was too bright. I didnít know what to do with myself. Everything had gone so smoothly without anyone, and reality gave me a kick in the ass. After this, my trip started to turn sour. Now, I donít think that I ever really had a bad trip, but I sure was having negative images and emotions.

I realize that I havenít been giving a lot of details of the visuals. Everythingís ďgesturesĒ began to take shape. My momís interrogating look made her body and everything pulse, while stationary objects just morphed and twisted. Everything had a drooping feel to it, kind of like it was melting, but it picked itself up. It was really a twisted cycle. I canít explain it but if you take the drug you will know what Iím talking about. The closed-eye visuals were interesting to say the least; when I was going into my ďbad tripĒ I could see 3D zig zags coming at and into me. Like they were piercing me, and I saw a demented Woody from Toy Story, and I heard his voice. All while my sober girlfriend watched some TV. It was really bizarre. I then understood what a trip was and tried, to no avail, to explain the difference between a trip and just being high.

It was then at this point that I became utterly useless. My girlfriend realized I was getting out of control and that we needed to leave. She then proceeded to have to treat me like a 2 year old. Put on me shoes and force me out of the bed, she had to practically force me out of the house, and even then, when walking to the car, I tried to keep on walking into the backyard. After this, we proceeded to drive to her momís house. On this drive, all I remember is a tearful girlfriend and napkins with smeared makeup. My friend had texted me about working on a catapult that day (it was for school) and my girlfriend realized how worthless I was. I realized at that moment that I was worthless and frankly, I didnít give a fuck. I was enjoying myself and didnít care. When we got to her momís, I then fell asleep for a few hours maybe, Iím not too sure. When I woke up, a wave of guilt came crashing down as I read texts from my mom and my friend. I realized that I was such a shitty human being that day that I truly hated myself. I donít think Iíve ever hated myself as much. The first thing I said upon waking up was: ďIím so sorryĒ and ďnever againĒ repeated over and over. I was supposed to watch my brother play basketball, and I was supposed to help out a friend. I eventually had to tell him that I took 2CP that day, and he was definitely not happy about it. I had never planned to tell him that I did drugs.

Nowadays my girlfriend and I joke about my experience, but thereís still that hint of guilt and pain behind talking about it, and Iím never comfortable about talking about it. It was because of my girlfriend that I wrote this down. Itís incredibly difficult to capture every emotion as it happened on that day, and I know Iím leaving stuff out. In all honesty, you have to try the drug for yourself, and only then will you truly know what it is all about. And that goes for all drugs.

This is completely my opinion and is only related to me personally but: I find that the actual setting is most important. I know you hear: setting, mindset, and sitter, but all you really need is a great setting and the rest will fall into place. I hope this helps anybody out there, as I know thatís itís helped me by writing this down. Hopefully I can move along and leave this experiment behind me with positive thoughts about it, and not negative ones. Iím still with my girlfriend this November 22, 2012 (which is actually Thanksgiving) and I couldnít be happier.

Best of luck to all you out there and all your adventures.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98349
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Dec 9, 2012Views: 4,103
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2C-P (305) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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