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One Foot in Reality One in Outerspace
by Synaps3
Citation:   Synaps3. "One Foot in Reality One in Outerspace: An Experience with 4-HO-MiPT (exp98291)". Nov 16, 2012.

25 mg sublingual 4-HO-MiPT (powder / crystals)


This report is not going to be as linear because I did not record the times when certain events occurred. I recorded notes about the experience and am writing about it after. Most of this report will be done as a comparison to 4-aco-dmt or psilocin.

So this begins my first experience with 4-ho-mipt. A dose of 25mg was administered
sublingually to try to avoid any alteration of the onset of effects by a full stomach (I had eaten about an hour ago). I only kept the 25mg in my mouth for about 15 minutes because the bitter taste became too strong, so I ended up swallowing it. I noticed the effects begin tomanifest at about 30 minutes. At this point I could not differentiate it from 4-aco-dmt. From then on, it took about another hour to peak. I started to notice a difference in effects at about the one hour mark. I noticed that I had a little more energy (not necessarily physical energy, but mental energy). There was also a distinct buzz in my head that felt like an increased amount of serotonin (more than 4-aco-dmt or shrooms). At certain times it got so strong, it gave me a bit of a headache. It felt like it was eroding the inside of my brain.

It wasn't strong enough to ruin the experience, but it was unpleasant. I don't think I'd ever go higher than 25mg with this because I think that feeling would get a little too distracting. Some people might enjoy that feeling, but it edged on feeling toxic so not for me.

During the peak, I found that my mind remained relatively clear. I noticed that I was phasing in and out of reality. For a few seconds I would feel like I was tripping and then after feel like I was completely sober. It felt like I was standing over the threshold of psychedelia, with one foot in and one out. I realized that I was able to control this effect by focusing on certain things and then walking around would bring me back to an almost sober state (with the exception of still feeling the serotonin). The increased energy was almost manic; I didn't feel tired like I would on shrooms or 4-aco-dmt. It was, however, nowhere near the effects of a phenethylamine. I noticed that the manic energy would rush every few minutes and the CEVs would become more predominant and move faster and then slow down. Increased body
sensations were also felt during this period.

At this point, I decide to venture outside. It was very windy pre-Hurricane Sandy weather. Whenever a breeze would come, it felt like it was actually flowing through my body and creating weird sensations. I was somewhat scared at first, but I actually grew to like it a lot. It also seemed to control my visuals. I think the sensations from my skin where somewhat spreading to the visual part of my brain.

Whenever I take a psychedelic, there always seems to be a certain part of the trip that seems so perfect, it's like it was put there on purpose to show me something. I noticed that my ability to theorize about aspects of my life was greatly increased. The lack of mental fog allowed me to think about big picture concepts much more than I could on 4-aco-dmt or shrooms.

As I walked through my yard I came to the gate that separates the front from the back. The gate is old and doesn't have a proper latch, just a chain and two hooks that are very misaligned. The gate is inside a solid wood fence and it's night. I open the gate and walk through and notice that the wind is mostly blocked by the fence and it's quiet on the other side. I then turn around and close it. I grab the chain which is still hanging on the gate and hook it to the one side, but I can't find the other hook. I keep feeling around the latch and I eventually find it and attempt to hook it on, but it doesn't stay. After several attempts I finally get it latched. Then I turn around and have this epiphany. I think of myself as the chemical 4-ho-mipt and the gate as the synapse. Earlier I was thinking about how the chemical seems to be right on the threshold of psychedelia. I thought me trying to close the gate and having trouble getting the chain to stay was the chemical having trouble binding to the receptors and the calm side of the fence was reality and the windy side was
psychedelia. It completely blew my mind and I almost felt as if I had been set up, but then I realize I'm just insane and that can't be true. It's those little things that make this drug so amazing. I would have never made those connections while sober. I couldn't imagine taking this and not having some crazy blatant truths pop up out of nowhere. This is an amazing chemical and I think I would consider it superior to psilocin or 4-aco-dmt.

I wander around outside for a few minutes before I decide to go back inside. The trip seems somewhat rushed. On 4-aco-dmt, usually I feel like time has slowed down, but on this I notice the opposite. I get a nostalgic feeling as I compare the rushed feeling to the end of the summer with 4-aco-dmt. It was like I was rushing to get one last good experience in before winter.

I go back in and listen to some electronic music. The effects start to decrease at about the 4 hour mark, but never go all the way down until the next day. After the drop off at 4 hours, I noticed some lingering CEVs for about 3 more hours. The increased serotonin feeling remained for the most part of the next day and created a nice after glow. When it fully dropped off the next day, I got a bit of a stomach ache. For some reason that's just how I feel when I have a low level of serotonin.

Here is a brief list of some of the positives and negative effects I experienced:

* Increased energy
* Ability to switch between trip and reality
* CEVs seemed more colorful
* CEVs changed faster
* More theoretical
* More body vibrations
* Nice after glow
* More mental clarity (while maintaining trippy mindset)

* Time going faster
* Painful serotonin feeling in head
* Some tension
* Some flickering in peripheral vision when focusing

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98291
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Nov 16, 2012Views: 6,666
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