Crystal Matrices and Fogged Glass Panes
Citation:   Nympha. "Crystal Matrices and Fogged Glass Panes: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp98273)". Dec 14, 2012.

  repeated oral 4-AcO-DMT (liquid)
I've tripped on 4-AcO-DMT something like 10 times, at doses between 5 and 20 mg. I'm very experienced with psychedelics, having taken LSD, mushrooms and 2C-B countless times, as well as experimented with Salvia, HB Woodrose, DMT, Ketamine, MDMA, MDAI, and 25i-NBOMe.

I ingested the chemical by dissolving it into a water bottle and drinking it as I felt. This proved to be a great way to do it.

The duration is invariably 5 - 8 hours, with a 4 hour peak, and a lingering but gentle and smooth comedown. The onset is very fast: I'm up all the way within 20 minutes after ingestion.

I find it to be nothing like mushrooms, a drastically more emotionally detached state of mind, in which it is easy to focus attention on external stimuli like music, movies or nature. Unlike the powerful rush of thoughts that comes with mushrooms, my mind will often seem to be blank for long periods of time. Indeed, I often 'trance out' while staring at certain objects. However, revelations will slowly seep in and it soon becomes obvious I've been thinking about them the entire time.

Generally, my thought processes are quite clear and my judgement significantly less impaired than with any other psychedelic I have tried. I find myself capable of absorbing complex ideas from art. I can listen to classical music, or appreciate complex films. The best match seems to be cheerful but witty / intelligent comedy, like 30 Rock. I have also tried creating music on the stuff, and wasn't sure afterwards if the music I'd made was much different from what I'd do sober, however it was an enjoyable and successful venture.

As others have said, there is very little body load, except a general restlessness / stimulation and slight nausea for about an hour after ingestion. I have experienced some 'phantom' sensations, in which I thought something was crawling on my leg or arm, and nothing was. Worthy of note is the heightened body awareness which can be incredibly useful for body work. It has made me very concerned with daily exercise and body posture, as well as my overall health. However, this means that if one tripped on this drug while in some kind of inferior physical condition, it would likely be quite awful.

The heightened body awareness can also intensify with repeated use of the drug into hypochondriac paranoia. While tripping, I have developed a tendency to search my entire body for marks or blemishes, and ponder their source. Once, I became convinced a particular mark was not there before tripping, and was caused by the drug. Upon coming down, I realized this was likely not the case, and in fact consulted a doctor who confirmed this and explained the origin of the mark. The doctor also confirmed that my blood pressure was normal and my heart was fine.

Movement (dancing) and proper body posture seem to be required for an enjoyable experience. An intense feeling of sickly unwellness overtakes me very quickly if I am in a contorted position on the couch, or sitting down for too long. However, it dissipates just as quickly into genuine joy if I get up and assume proper standing posture, almost as if I had never been discontented. Mostly, I seem to cycle between euphoria and brief episodes of anxiety or paranoia. (Note: the paranoia drastically increases if I drink coffee with the drug, redose to lengthen the trip, or take the drug when I am excessively sleep deprived. I do not recommend doing these things.) All in all, a pretty neutral emotional state.

Marijuana both intensifies the effects and makes the trip more enjoyable and relaxing. Several times, I've attempted to watch a funny TV show, and found it ugly and unengaging until smoking a bowl, at which point it becomes hilarious and emotionally involving. Personally, I would not trip on this drug if I did not have access to weed.

The visuals emerge prominently around the 10mg mark for me, and come in waves (Note: I am a very hallucinatory person. Friends have reporting needing more in order to achieve visuals). Shapes will begin to breathe, melt and arrange into angular miniature fractal patterns, without quite as much symmetry as with mushrooms, but otherwise somewhat similar. I see shimmering closed eye patterns very brightly as well, which often seem to mirror the shapes of my dance moves. At their most beautiful, the visuals remind me of the art of Robert Venosa. One time in the woods at night, the trees appeared to composed of purple fogged glass panes, a wonderful effect.

The shapes can become frighteningly bizarre and insectoid if I have not smoked weed recently, but I have never seen viscera, devilish figures, or anything truly scarring. The strange contortions can be distracting if one is attempting to watch a TV show or film, as it is difficult to associate the way a alien way a person looks with their emotions in the story.

I find my communication skills are not impaired, in fact I sound exactly like my sober self on this stuff, to the point where I've had many pleasant conversations with my girlfriend (who generally doesn't approve of psychedelics) without her having known I had taken anything. Most of the time, however, I have taken it alone.

I have often taken this stuff at night, and each time, I've found the sunrise to be an almost inexpressibly joyful and beautiful experience, in which the colors of the trees and plants whirl into a pastel fractal dream. I did not achieve this same effect taking the drug during a sunny mid-day, and eventually came to realize that the come down period is particularly happy, stress-free and glowing.

I experience quite a few auditory hallucinations on this drug as well (new for me), which increase a lot with higher doses. It's as if my mental noise floor is amplified, phrases or songs in my head are much louder than normal, and strange messages seem to lurk beneath them. The sounds also warble, distort and flange strangely, almost seeming to thrash and flail madly at times. This effect could be disconcerting, but I haven't found it to be.

I've had very strange dreams and restless sleep after taking this stuff frequently. At times, the dreams are dark and exhausting, but others are powerful lucid dreams after which I've felt like I had serious breakthroughs. I was able to successfully look at my own hands while dreaming (a technique described in Carlos Castaneda) for the first time.

Overall, I like this stuff, and I'm sure I'll experiment with it further. It's great for absorbing art. As far as I can tell, there are few dangers about it beyond residual feelings of anxiety which can result from tripping too often. Also, I'm sure that some of the sensations I had could potentially intensify at higher doses, to the point where a person could believe they were dying, as some have reported. However, I have little doubt that this person would later wake up unharmed, judging by the numerous high dose trip reports of this kind. Personally, I recommend keeping the dose fairly low. There's plenty to discover at 5 - 20 mg range.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98273
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Dec 14, 2012Views: 15,788
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