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Astoundment From a Mescaline-Virgin
Citation:   Curiosityandthecat. "Astoundment From a Mescaline-Virgin: An Experience with 3C-E (exp98257)". Nov 13, 2012.

T+ 0:00
  insufflated 3C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:20   insufflated 3C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:35 3.25 mg insufflated 3C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:40 3.25 mg insufflated 3C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:50 3.25 mg insufflated 3C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:25 6.5 mg insufflated 3C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 6.5 mg insufflated 3C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:15 15 mg insufflated 3C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:20   oral 3C-E (powder / crystals)
*Through this report,* I consume a total of 65-70mg of 3C-E insufflated until the very last 20mg-25mg which was taken orally. It measured out at either 30mg or 15mg and split into little bumps to avoid burn or discomfort.

I am a 22 yr old male, I am out of shape but dieting recently. I weigh about 275lbs.

*drug history* - I have an extensive research history with almost every single drug except for all opiates, (I never wanted to get caught up with them, tried Vicodin once and Oxycontin a couple times but they made me puke). These drugs include but not limited to, in order of how most often used/times done; alcohol, marijuana (although I haven't smoked it in 5 months now), methoxetamine (many months spent on days and days of being completely lost in my apartment), DXM (years ago, which I regret, totally messed up my stomach), Adderall (prescription 30mg/twice daily), Xanax (and other benzodiazepines, including Ambien), (n,n)-DMT (extracted it myself), ecstasy (WAYYY too much), cocaine (wayyy too much), 5-meo-MiPT, 5-meo-AMT, 2c-e (my first psychedelic ever taken, I didn't have a scale back when I got 500mg years ago, first night a friend and I took way too much by licking our pinky fingers and dipping then into the bag, crazy night, after that I bought a scale), psilocybin mushrooms, ethylphenidate, methiopropamine, 25i-nbome, 4-AcO-DMT, 3-meo-pcp, 4-MEC, 25c-nbome, 2c-I, and ketamine (s)isomer (only got 120mg though). I have also tried nitrous but only by itself or while drunk, I have a legitimate nitrous whipped cream dispenser and the punch balloons. I didn't know that by itself it didn't really do much, because after inhaling and exhaling until I couldn't anymore out of a punch balloon full of 2 or 3 carts, all I got was a 'wangwangwangwanging' sound and that was it. I then read that nitrous is supposed to be used while tripping. That's about it I probably forgot a few but what the heck.

*mood and setting* - Perfectly happy, my life hasn't been this great in my entire life. I am 22 and on the Dean's list at my school. I just had my last class for 5 days last night and I already finished the homework, so I'm free for almost a week.

Here it goes.

I received the 3C-E from a VERY reputable, personally known, vendor that I have dealt with a couple times already for other research purposes. The other items have always been top-notch compared to ones I have tried from other vendors in the past, I trust that this is the real deal with all of my heart. He threw in a sample of 65mg of 3C-E for free with my last order of 3-MeO-PCP, because I asked him about it. Other drugs taken today: none. I have a high tolerance to Methoxetamine and have recently finally been blessed to try real ketamine (it was s-isomer), it was only 120mg so it was fun, spaced out into like 20mg lines, but I would like to do so again.

2:35 - Weighed out exactly 30mg 3c-e to see what 30mg would look like. It is a very fluffy white powder, similar to cocaine. I put the 30mg back in the bag. I then weighed out 3-5mg, I have a .001 accuracy scale but I say 3-5mg because it only starts showing the weight at 3-5mg. I cut the 3-5mg bump in half. I plan on insufflating about 1.5-2.5mg here for allergy test and to see how bad it burns as I am interested in this ROA, but will probably settle with oral dosing if the burn is as bad as 2c-e and 2c-I (I am not comparing these drugs in terms of effects, just in terms of phenethylmines burning upon insufflation, I know 3C-E is closely related to Escaline).

2:50 - 1.5-2.5mg insufflated into right nostril. No noticeable burn at this low of a dosage. I will wait for half an hour to make sure I do not have an allergy to this chemical. In the mean time, I am going to type up my history and current mood/setting above but if I start feeling anything I will come back and update down here.

2:56 - Maybe placebo, but I feel a little 'off,' but in a positive way. I feel like smiling, from anticipation.

3:10 - Same feeling as before, I know I said I would wait 30 minutes but it has been 20 minutes and my nose and mind feel fine (this is not me wanting to compulsively redose, like on MXE, I just know that I need to get to at least 30mg or more to feel anything worthwhile). I insufflate the other 1.5-2.5mg into left nostril, barely feel it going up, but I can tell this will burn at higher dosages. 3-5mg is now my current dose that I am on.

3:25 - I feel something but its still just that same feeling from before, maybe still placebo, I don't know. I weighed out 7.5mg and cut it in half, I now insufflate ~3.25mg into my right nostril. I barely felt it at all. This brings me up to ~7.5mg insufflated over the past hour. I am still very low in the dose range and should at least get this other ~7.5mg up and then see how a total of 15mg makes me feel.

*Note: I am using tilde (~) signs to indicate that it could be .5mg higher or lower. Nothing extreme, just splitting the bumps up isn't 100% accurate so right now I am using ~ to represent that.*

3:30 - I insufflate the other ~3.25mg into my left nostril. I kind of feel something building, like a body load, but not exactly negative. It could be anxiety related, although I don't feel out of place or anything. It is no longer a placebo I do not think, it's starting. I kind of feel like a 10lbs weight is on my chest, not my heart though. I will check my pulse... About 80bpm. That's normal for me, I'm definitely out of shape to say the least. When I am on Adderall my pulse is usually a steady 85bpm. I am starting to feel a little more emotionally aware... It's a strange feeling. Kind of like a very low dose of ecstasy. I will insufflate this last ~3.25mg in a few minutes to total 15mg.

3:40 - I insufflate the last ~3.25mg and am now up to 15mg insufflated. I have been switching back and forth from nostril to nostril. My right one is a little stuffed up but my left one is clear as can be. I try not to snort things anymore, I usually do sublingual if I can stand the taste or just oral. I made an exception for this drug because it is the first time I have ever tried it and there aren't too many reports on it yet, especially the ROA being insufflation.

3:45 - I definitely feel good. Visually, the text in this notepad document is kind of warping a tiny bit like it would on low dose 25i-nbome. There is a definite body load which I am used to and expected from what I read on Pihkal.

3:50 - Heart rate feels like it has increased... Still around 85bpm though, its just in my head. My vision is a little fuzzy as well. Mentally I feel good, but also I want to see what this drug can do. I contemplate splitting up another 15mg and snorting bumps of it over the course of the next 30 minutes or so, but I have a little bit of a chemical drip that isn't unpleasant really, but it could become so.

3:55 - I realized that the heart beat I was hearing must have been an echo from my headphones which have been on this whole time. I have those $300 Dre beats with noise cancelling and once I shut them off and took them off, I do not hear that heart beating any more. Odd, but makes sense I guess, considering how noise cancelling works. I decide to weigh out 15mg and see what I plan on doing with it.

4:00 - Now that I know how 15mg feels insufflated split into little tiny bumps, I feel like I am ready for this other 15mg. If I wasn't going out in a few hours I would take 30-40mg now orally and probably have a great time at home (trying) to play video games.

4:10 - I just realized that I have a package coming in and the mail comes around 4 or 5 pm. Take a wild guess what is in the package! 50 carts of iSi cartridges of Nitrous. I haven't done Nitrous since my failed attempt months ago while sober or drunk. I do not plan on doing any on 3C-E tonight because I am still new to the 3C-E but I will try it on methoxetamine or 25i-nbome another night, once my tolerance to those two drugs goes down. I may try a couple carts later on if this 3C-E experience isn't too crazy.

4:15 - I split the 15mg in half and in half again, I know splitting things in half is not accurate but this is not about accuracy right now, I know it is a totaly of 15mg on the dot, I just want this 15mg to not burn so bad. The 15mg was accurate, I am going to do that 15mg regardless, I just don't think I could handle 7.5mg up each nostril one right after another, too much burn. I now insufflated one of the bumps ~3.25mg up my left nostril. Not bad at all. I now insufflate another ~3.25mg bump up the other nostril, still not bad. There is relatively no burn at these small of bumps. I now have half of that 15mg up my nose without a bother.

4:20 - Another ~3.25mg bump up the left nostril and now the last one up the right. I now have a total dose of 30mg of 3C-E insufflated over the past two hours. I need to get some pants on if I have to answer the door, I think I hear the postman/woman. I feel like this drug increases my senses a lot.

I was right, the postman was walking away from the mailboxes (which I normally could never hear from inside at my computer). My package fit in the mailbox, it's certainly the nitrous cartridges.

4:25 - This drug has me in an amazing mood right now. My vision is still fuzzy and things kind of seem like they're warping out at me but it is very faint so far. It feels a lot more like an emotional drug than anything. Which makes sense from what I've read about mescaline and this being chemically similar to escaline. There is no sting in my nostrils but a present chemical drip that does not bother me.

4:35 - So far this drug definitely feels like an emotional kind of high/trip. At higher doses, maybe 50-60mg orally, I think it could get very visual but insufflation it kind of just feels like low dose ecstasy, without the intense trails and nystagmus. I used the bathroom and saw my that my pupils are noticeably dilated. They usually don't dilate too much unless I am really starting to let go and let a drug take me (like with ecstasy).

4:45 - Still feeling happy and energized. I was expecting this drug to be a lot crazier, but I guess the dosages are just too low. I have another 35mg and I honestly am contemplating taking the rest of the bag orally. But my friends are coming over in about an hour and a half so I may just try to snort another 15mg. I have these Nitrous cartridges sitting next to me now and its very tempting but I would rather just do more 3C-E.

5:00 - Just talked to my friend who is currently at EDC Orlando waiting in line, one about to take real Molly for probably the first time (he has been getting shite MDAI sold as molly from his 'friends' and the other about to try real LSD for the first time (I say real because he explained to me later what happened and how he felt and it must have been LSD). My phone is getting harder and harder to read, but like not in a mind-screwy way, like a fuzzy, warm type of way (and not a cross-eyed dissociative kind of way, you know what I'm talking about, where you have to close one eye to see straight lol). I really feel like doing another 15mg. I have about an hour to kill before my friends get here and one of them will want to dose on 25i-nbome, which if the 3C-E doesn't turn out to be too crazy by then I may join him as well, with just 500ug maybe 1mg. We are going to see the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. But what to do for the next hour to keep this vibe going?!

5:05 - As you can tell I am very talkative right now too. I weighed out another 15mg and split it into four bumps again. I pause for about 30 seconds between each bump, alternating nostrils. The burn isn't bad at all, its very mild now that I am on this drug.

5:15 - Still feeling it build up. There must be 20-25mg left in the sample. I will probably do that in a little bit. For now I am going to listen to music or something.

5:40 - I ended up cleaning around the house and rearranging my room, happily. I feel like I am wasting this trip by not sitting back and letting it take me. But, hey, it was a sample. I think I'm going to just orally take the rest of this bag or snort it, not sure yet. I guess I should snort it because I don't think 20-25mg of this stuff orally after snorting 45mg may not do anything, although I am on an empty stomach... Decisions decisions. I think I am just going to take the rest of it in water and make sure I'm careful to get it all. Snorting another 20-25mg is too much of a trouble for me and it would burn pretty bad if I did it in 10mg lines. So...

5:45 - Final entry of this report, I dumped the rest of the bag (20-25mg) into a small clear glass, (I do this all the time when I'm at the end of a bag of something lol) then I started the smallest but steady stream on my kitchen sink. I placed the glass that had the 3C-E in it under the stream and then also the baggie over the glass so that it would catch water and fall into the cup, I cleaned out the bag this way into the glass and was left with half glass full of water with the rest of the 3C-E in it, which I gulped down and then drank another two glasses of water from to get all of it.

*In conclusion,* this definitely was the 3C-E that I imagined it would be, but snorting it at such low dosages, because snorting a couple 20mg lines to get up to 40mg at once would have absolutely killed my nose, isn't its best ROA. ALSO, I had to relax and let it take me in, when I was first coming up on the 30mg and got up to 45mg and was sitting still, things were starting to get really really nice. The best way to describe it would just be like, fuzzy, warm, colorful, and I think I even had some minor CEVs. I was and have been just happy with the world this whole time. The first come up after snorting it, because I snorted it I think, gave me that weight on my chest, which subsided like 20 minutes later.

I do not reccommend anyone do this, what I am going to do next time is dose 60-80mg orally right off the bat and let it take me in, but I will have a sitter and benzos on hand.

PS: It is now 6:45pm, an hour after I took that last 20-25mg orally and I feel it much stronger now, the words on the screen are wavy and wiggling because I have been sitting still. I also keep getting these shivers down my spine like on ecstasy. It's not overpowering but its there and noticeable. Also some firework-type CEVs. So, yes, oral or sublingual, for me at least, will be the best way to research this chemical again. I cannot wait to receive more.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98257
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Nov 13, 2012Views: 10,059
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