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This One Is My Favourite
by name
Citation:   name. "This One Is My Favourite: An Experience with Memantine (exp98107)". Erowid.org. Mar 9, 2019. erowid.org/exp/98107

  oral Pharms - Memantine (pill / tablet)


I have some left overs of Memantine tablets and browsed online for info. Sadly, on Memantine there's little. So I feel the need to share my experiences and opinions about this beautiful substance.

1. I'm very cautious about pharmaceuticals, so first time I took only 40mg - 2 tablets of Memantine. I knew it takes a while to kick in, but after such a small dose I have almost nothing to report: there were almost none noticeable effects, except maybe my vision got a tiny bit stranger, especially when I looked into mirror. :)

2. Second time I took Memantine was 1 week later. I was feeling depressed so I took 4 tablets - 80mg. I read that Memantine has small antidepressant effect and now I can confirm it. It started to kick in after an hour or two, and after 3 hours I really felt noticeable effects: my mood was great, not euphoric, but really optimistic. My vision got strange - not worse, but somehow more lively, and my body sensation became a little drunk like.

3. Now I use 100mg (5 tablets) of Memantine occasionally, when I'm feeling down, or when I go to the party. The effects are similar to alcohol, but yet very different: I would say, I get all the 'positive' alcohol attributes without those negative ones, like loss of memory or clumsiness and balance loss. Plus with Memantine I get few extra good effects, like really positive and optimistic mood and strange, yet amusing perception distortion and body feeling.

After using 100mg Memantine the effects kick in no sooner than 1hour after ingestion, usually about 2 hours. The effects build up slowly at reaches peak in about 4 - 6 hours. And then gradually fades out. I can feel some left over effects next day (increased positivity and extra mild vision distortion), but those are very mild and I really wouldn't complain. :)
I think 100mg is an optimal dose, maybe I'll try bigger one later on, but for now I'm contempt.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98107
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Mar 9, 2019Views: 7,319
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